The Local Talent & Other Associates

Hey Lunies! What's that? Yeah. Yeah, another mix already. Yeah. Sorry 'bout that. Me, Dio, and Kuma have been busy with many things.

But! This mix is special; this is a mix of tunes by friends and associates working in my home county, Hertfordshire, as well as those that live a bit further affield, but that I'm counting as honorary Hertfordshire-ians, because I can. I snuck a copule of cuts of mine in there too, cheeky fecker that I am. The first half leans more to the rock/hip hop side of things, the latter to the electronic. If you'd like to check out any of the artists featured in this mix, links are given below!


Ugly Old Town [Callum Fletcher]  //  The Invader (ReWarped) [Sonic Kimono]  //  A Self Portrait In 64 Colours [Master Controller Featuring]  //  Crave [Pistol Kings]  //  Where Do I Stand? [spinningcannon]  //  Black & Gold [Ujah, Callum Fletcher]  //  Lovers Song (Kanisalu Remix) [Amarante]  //  Subliminal Criminal [Sonic Kimono]  //  Run Roger [Pistol Kings]  //  Acid [Callum Fletcher]  //  Love For The Summertime [DiGi Valentine]  //  Pepper (Butthole Surfers Cover) [Dinosaur Hacker]  //  I Am Your Killer Soundgirl [MIGHTY-MACHine]  //  The Deadwalkers [The Green Dutch]  //  Motherboard [Fantastic Dream Machine]  //  Something Enitrely Different [psychoTR2]  //  Gold Mage (BlastProcessed Mega Drive Remake) [repeatedScales]  //  Countdown To Liftoff [Zone Runners]  //  Revenge (Ministry Cover) [Dinosaur Hacker]  //  Mercurial [psychoTR2]  //  BEAST!!! [IKarus]  //  Virga Zone [Kaiserwolf]  //  olgaFLOW [DiGi Valentine]  //  False Alarm (IKarus Remix) [Layen]  //  Mental Machine Music [Decon Theed]


Callum Fletcher:  //

Sonic Kimono:

Decon Theed (incl. Master Controller Featuring, MIGHTY-MACHine, repeatedScales):  //

Pistol Kings:  //

spinningcannon (incl. Fantastic Dream Machine):


DiGi Valentine (incl. Zone Runners):  //

Dinosaur Hacker:

The Green Dutch:  //


IKarus (incl. BlastProcessed):  //


~ Decon