Gimme a G-I-F

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One thing I've noticed around different blogs and websites are gifs.  I never knew how to make one (and let's be honest, the fact I'm using google sites should be your red flaggiest indicator of my posing 8D), but I enjoy them immensely.  I figured the best way to kick off this site of random lunacy (oh DID YOU SEE WHAT I DID THAR?) is to take a stroll down some gifs I've saved over the years.  Mind you, I didn't make them, but I am presenting them w/ credit because credit ought be given to the people who make them.  People slave over hot laptops on these gems, dammit.  I'm merely slaving over photobucket.  And stuff.

Also, just to say, this isn't so much as a line up or top anything, but a selection of gifs.  I might do another installment later.  Maybe.  Hm, snap crackle POP.

First off is more of a tutorial.  In poker.  My friend Jyun made it, and in record time.  Yet to this day I still have no earthly clue how to play poker.  I CAN play mah-jongg.  I learned from Chowder. 8D  MOVING ON.

The Night at the Roxbury gifs are everywhere, so what made me choose the Mother 2 one?  Because Mother 2 fucking rocks.  There's a reason why "What Is Love" is sitting smack in the middle of my Mother playlist.  Because Haddaway told me to.

I once saw this as my friend's avatar on a forum and spent the next 5 days laughing like a maniac hopped up on the Q (for those not in the Cook-know, that's Nestle's Qwik).  Oh those wacky wacky Japanese and they're obviously superior video game commercials.  This one's from the swank Mario Kart DS commercial wherein NO ONE LOVES THE WEEGIE D8 (link not related but related)  I think its the French-gi's expression that nails it.  But the Americana speech from Ameri-gi is comparable in the lulz.

No One Loves the Luigi

For a bonus, here's the swank Devil May Cry spot from J-Town:

Never Break Up w/ a JP Girl from Capcom


Gif(s).  I have a couple from a Fatal Frame/Zero site I used to frequent heavily.  Unfortunately, as is the nature of the internet, the site was lost.  If I remember correctly, the artist's name was Amane Eruru, and their work was marvelous.  Being a Fatal Frame fan, coupled w/ a NiGHTS fan, and a Mother fan, I'm used to disappointment and a myriad of sites going down often.  Durr hurr...going down.
Anyhow, these are a few gifs that were there, with others like the FF2 aperture and the spirit stone radio.  
Unrelated but related, there was a Silent Hill version of the site, which I assumed were done by the same webmasters.  That too is gone.  I am a sad widget.


There's a percentage of my gif folder that comes from only a handful of sources.  One source is FourFour whose totallyremarkablousawesome writer Rich slaves over his hot programs to make gifs of his passions, which run the gamut from America's Next Top Model to his own pets Rudy and Winston, the later of which is something of a celebrity on the interwebs.  WHO KNEW.  FourFour gifs are roughly 40% of my gif collection.  The other source is my own meandering wanderings.  That makes up about.....5%, w/ another 5% sent to me from friends.
The remaining amount of gifs come from 4chan, and while I've never gone there myself (HEAVENS, I know right??  I go to Aeris Dies for my porny fixes, kthnx, thatwasnotanadmission), I do know a number of whackjobs who do.  in fact I'm dating one.
This one was not from someone I'm dating, but someone who spends too much time on those "You Laugh, You Lose" threads.  And I'm sorry to say I failed.  Hardcore.
HEY~! 8D


If Road to El Dorado produced this gif, then the movie was the best animated feature OF ALL TIME.
I heard you laugh.  You lose.


Now, one of my big passions was a nifty show called Mystery Science Theater 3000, which you'll no doubt hear a lot about on this site next to Adventure Time with Finn and Jake (HOLY COW, HOT, and I don't mean "sexy hot"....actually yeah I do 8D).  I grew up with Mike, Joel and the bots and I'm happy to say that 50% of my life was consumed by shitty movies I can only watch with the Mads and the bots' help.  I think.
Though I could have done without Manos.  And Red Zone Cuba.  And Trolls 2 but that was a Rifftrax run.
I'm kidding.  I fucking LOVE Manos.  


Its the gay dancing banana.  You've seen it.  I've seen it.  Let's move on.



Sometimes I lay awake at night wondering about the future.  The economy, the state of the youth of today, if the next episode of Adventure Time will be as righteous as the last.  Other times I lie awake wishing I could make an impact on the lives of nerds everywhere by entertaining them with talent I may or may not have.  
Most nights I just lie awake trying to make sense of this gif.  And that's why my laptop has shit battery life.

I'll finish up with one more.  I have a whole mess of ones I haven't even touched yet, but I figure this will freak out your web-browser enough.  GO.


I think I fell in love with Durarara! from this one scene of the anime alone.  And who wouldn't?  Between Izaya and Simon and Shizuo and the sheer batfuck insanity, I think i found a reason to watch anime again.  I haven't done it in a long time.  But if you need a bit more convincing, allow the following to help: 

Oh, did I forget to mention language?  Oops.  Spoiler. :3

All right.  Enough of this.  I've got some Space Mutinying to do.

Dio 7/7/10