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Video Sharing Has Arrived 

The Video Sharing Group

What is all this about? Well, i needed a way to distribute video among those working on the space dvd project. We found an excellent means to swap video and sound files back and forth. It is called "Pando"  (Click the link to get it, or to find out more) . So, i thought, why not widen this out to visitors to my site who just simply have a passion for space exploration, but may not be involved in making the DVD?

I have decided to make this a sister site to the "This Island Earth pages" for the purposes of sharing video's released by myself, and other video content i feel may be of interest.

The reason for this, i cannot afford to host large files, and i have found free hosting solutions to be unreliable. 

How To Join And/Or Download?

You will see "Direct Pando Link" here on the site. This will be instantly clickable and downloadable. No email is needed where this option is available. You may infact feel enough content is available without sending your address. In this case, Pando, and a visit to this page is all you need.

Members will recieve early notification of files being released, as well as other benefits. You can join by contacting me via e-mail stating you wish to join the group at

I assure you sending an email to this address will not see you swamped with spam, or junk email. I am just an ordinary guy performing a non profit venture along side the web site i run, and the DVD project.

Once i have recieved an e-mail, i will then add you to my mailing list. You will recieve an email where you can begin the download. You will need to have downloaded and installed "Pando" this is a totally private and safe P2P software title. To find out about pando, visit the link here.

What Will Be Available?

Those of you who follow the DVD project will have seen the "You Tube" Versions of those files. As a member of the P2P group you will be able to download those files in their full resolution state. These files are created for play on TV. Which means you will have the option to either just simply enjoy those files in a larger format on your PC, or to place them in DVD or CD burning software to create discs which will play on your DVD recorder. Which of course takes those videos into a whole other dimension, where you can enjoy them in comfort, and on an even larger screen.

As DVD features are released i will send out emails to members announcing the release, they will then be able to download direct.

The videos will not be available forever. You will have to act within 14 days to download a file which has been added.

It would also be nice if other members helped out by uploading again and offering a video to late comers, or new members. But, of course, that is up to you. 

I will also offer help to anybody who needs it, answer questions, and also help with technical issues of video playback, or disc burning. An open message board topic to support this project can be found Here  the posting of Problems, or any type of discussions are welcome.

You may feel free to ask any question on those message boards, i will check regularly for your problems or query's of look in on any discussions. 

TV Listings!

New Releases will be showcased in the right hand column of the site. Together with a short description.

To Re-Cap and Explain Again Briefly

Step 1. To join you must download Pando Get It Here

Step 2. Look for "Direct Pando Link" here on the site to begin downloading. 

Or Email me at to state you wish to become a member and be added to the email list to recieve extra video downloads, or early notification of releases. Once added you will be informed of new releases via email and you decide if you wish to download the file. (it is your choice if you want to get a new email addres. But no spam or junk is attached to this venture)

Step 3. Files may be "zipped" to reduce the size of the download. To "unzip" you will need this free software title WinRar Click here to get it quickly and free.

Help and Discussion Message Board

Free Software And Advice For Your Video and Burning Needs

New Releases

DVD Preview - (DVD Quality)

The full length DVD Preview track running time over 10 mins.

This is the full version which was split in its first small res release here on Youtube.

New Horizons - Animation

Full res version of the recently released cg animation. Which appeared here on Youtube.

Direct Pando Link