16th May 2021
Hello Dancers,
two items of good news, 
1) as of today 16th May 2021, 254 have now signed my petition reference the Mill Hall closure, and you might have noticed that many other campaigners and organisations have been proactive in stopping this senseless act in order to stop the building of 54 flats and in so doing not fund Rochford Councils new shiny buildings.
If you have`nt signed please go to the link below.
2) We have a dance on the 22nd May at St Margarets Church, Leigh on Sea, Lime Avenue, SS93PA, 
from 730pm.
Only 30 people are allowed and we have 18 tickets left. 
You must have had both Covid Vaccines.
If you want to go please email paddocksballroom@gmail.com or telephone me on 07748707122.
Or WhatsApp me on 07748707122.
Tickets are £8 each and you must pay me before by Bank transfer, details will be given to you as soon as you reply.
Dancing commences at 730 pm and finishes at 1030pm.
Please bring your own drinks and food and take away your own empties and wrappers etc.
There will be a break for a raffle but no tea/coffee served.
Lets  hope we  can get going again and enjoy our dancing once again.
Strictly Ron.

Dear Dancers, 
as of today the 5th March 2021, I have 159 signatures.
Thank you for your support, its not over yet, we must continue to voice our disapproval.
Its hard not to get involved in politics but Rochford Council want the land sale value in order to build their shiny new Council offices in Rochford at the Freight House.
In return we are  given a completely unsatisfactory building.
Please continue to tell all our dance friends in our communities about this terrible act of total disregard 
for our health and well being.
It is a well known fact that Ballroom Latin and Sequence dancing is healthy, mentally and physically.
It is with out doubt better than sitting in front of the box, night after night.
Remember, that prior to Covid the Mill Hall was fully booked.
Please sign the petition.
Highlight and paste into your browser or just click the link below 
or go to the web site 

Previous Comments.
I know many of you and your friends have danced at the Mill Hall in Rayleigh, if you want to keep this wonderful building and dance floor, you must sign up. 
Tell your friends, many don`t know about the closure, I found out late last year only by accident.
Covid has kept us locked up for far too long.
For the health and well being of the community.
When we book a Hall it takes many hours of planning, thought and and time so that you can enjoy dancing and meet friends, keep healthy and keep our mental attributes.
Dancing is one of the finest forms of exercise, there has been many good reports on the benefits in the press, when we eventually come out of this Epidemic we are all going to need this more than ever.
Lets not loose sight of this and pass on to future generations the benefits of Dancing.
Don`t forget many other organisations use the Mill hall.
Comments from the public
This makes me feel sick listening to people stripping our community of social assets. 
Cold hearted progress in their minds maybe. 
They are letting the people of Rayleigh and future generations down.

I don’t what this development, what can be done to stop it? It is removing the heart of a community. I’ve asked the National Trust what is their view of the development as surely it will have some impact on Rayleigh Mount. However if nothing can be done to prevent it then at least there should be an agreement all the community aspects are built before any commercial or residential units. Protecting us against the usual clauses that allows these developers and the council to back out of all the infrastructure aspects of any development.

The argument for demolishing the Mill Hall seems to be that it is “past it’s sell by date”. If the site is redeveloped as housing, where are all the Groups, Clubs, Community events etc, supposed to go? Will it reduce the parking area in the long term? Rayleigh is a thriving, vibrant, popular town! Why fix what ain’t broken? It is shortsighted madness.

Please sign the petition.
Highlight and paste into your browser or just click the link below 
or go to the web site 

Real change happens when everyday people like you and I come together and stand up for what we believe in.  
Together we can reach heaps of people and help create change around this important issue.
After you've signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others.  
It's super easy – all you need to do is forward this email or share this link on Facebook or Twitter:


Have a look at these comments Dancers

Hello Dancers, please find the latest 3D impression of the new Mill Hall, as you can see from the Architects drawing its a mere fraction in size of the current building.
This is obviously a sell out, the building is no larger than a Doctors surgery or children`s creche and completely different to the earlier published design in size.
Please write to Rochford District Council as soon as possible.
Yesterday, posted on Facebook ( Rayleigh Residents )  an update confirming that construction of the new replacement Community Centre had been brought forward.
This means they are going " Hell for Leather " in their determination to ignore the local opinion and build a completely useless building that does not serve the local population like the current Iconic Design.
If you look at the actual size, its unbelievable that Rochord D.C. could consider such a small redevelopment.
Please write, otherwise this will be another nail in the coffin for us dancers and other Hall users such as Weddings, Yoga etc.

Please write, otherwise this will be another nail in the coffin for us dancers and other Hall users such as Weddings, Yoga,
meeting venue, 
Strictly Ron
Below you can see from my earlier posting how the Hall size has changed to a now postage stamp size only fit for a small rural village.

News from Rochford District Council regarding The Mill Hall.
it transpires that the existing hall will be replaced by a brand new Community Hall,
please see link here.
Extract from the new Voyage partnership 

The partnership will be a collaboration between Rochford District Council and gbpartnerships, who have formally entered into contracts to deliver the Council’s Asset Delivery Programme, following approval at a meeting of Full Council on September 8.

The programme ethos will be ‘connecting our historic past with our future’, recognising how the proud local heritage we have in the Rochford District can work in harmony with our long-term goals for regeneration.

The project will include the provision a new community centre to replace the Mill Arts & Events Centre, in Rayleigh, which will provide a boost to the town centre as well as facilities for residents to enjoy.

This new centre will be spread over two floors, facing the Rayleigh Windmill and the sensory garden, and be designed to complement these heritage features. Upstairs will be modern meeting rooms and office spaces for use by the council and its partners to meet with members of the public – maintaining important service provision in Rayleigh.

Downstairs will be the publicly hireable space which can open out onto Rayleigh Windmill to make full use of the outside space and the magnificent backdrop of the windmill e.g. for weddings or fayres.

This downstairs space can be configured into a single hall which can accommodate 170 people with built in storage and a bar/kitchen area – ideal for larger gatherings and performances.

The downstairs space can also be sub-divided to accommodate smaller groups simultaneously – perfect for exercise classes and community meetings.

This begs the question, " whats wrong with the existing Building ", 

renovation would be far far cheaper!!

Strictly Ron.

The Mill Hall, Bellingham Lane Rayleigh, Essex.

It was extremely upsetting to hear that Rochford Council are
going to demolish and sell off the land that The Mill Hall
I know many of you have danced there either with Richard and Jenny and others.
Slowly through out the UK, local Councils are selling off their Community Halls and have been doing so for many years.
To loose another Dance Hall as good as The Mill is beyond comprehension.
As we know the Hall is always fully booked, so why are Rochford Council selling off this magnificent facility where one can meet and socialise, see loved ones get married and to Dance and keep fit.
Surely someone is responsible for this not least the Council, who have taken it upon themselves to sell the building.
It is up to us all to veto this crazy idea and do something positive in order to keep this social hub.
If you any of you are interested write to Rochford Council and voice your concerns please!
or write to 
Rochford District Council
Council Offices 
South Street
01702 318001

Dont leave it until it is too late.


Event Details
After Covid?

Music for dancing commences at 7.30pm until 10 45pm
Entry price 
Runwell Village Hall £ 7.50, 
St Margaret`s Church,£7.50.
South Woodham Village Hall, £7.50.

Our Venues include

Runwell Village Hall, Church End Lane, Runwell, Wickford, SS11-7JE,
St Margaret`s Church, London Road, Lime Avenue, Leigh on sea, Essex, SS93PA.
South Woodham Ferrers Village Hall,
25 Hullbridge Road, South Woodham Ferrers, Essex, CM35PL.


South Woodham Village Hall
please use this link

Runwell Village Hall,Wickford, Essex, SS11-7JE

Runwell Hall

St Thomas More High School, Kenilworth Gardens, Westcliff-on-sea, Essex, SS0-0BW

Google Map

St Margarets Church, London Road, Lime Avenue, Leigh on sea, Essex, SS9-3PA.

St Margaret`s Church, Lime Avenue,

DJ Strictly Ron, plays a wide selection of enjoyable music and popular tracks for Ballroom, Latin and Sequence, for his dancers. 
Ron also DJ`s at Weddings and Birthdays and other functions.

Please call and discuss, no obligation

                                                                               BRILLIANT BALLROOM
Ron and Judy. 

Welcome to BB's it is the best place to find out about Ballroom, Latin American and Popular Sequence dancing in the Essex area 
at St Margarets Church Hall, Runwell Village Hall, South Woodham Village Hall and St Thomas More High School.
This website is run by Ron & Judy, friendly and experienced hosts, who organize social dancing events throughout the year.
If you are interested in dancing, why not come along to one of our events. 
It is informal and relaxed run by dance lovers for lovers of dancing. 
Music for Dancing is played for all abilities, your guarantee of a good night's entertainment in social dancing for all.
So please put the dance dates in your diary and come along and join us for a fun night of dancing
and meet friends, please spread the word, hope you can make it.
Support your local Strictly.

Runwell Village Hall

St Thomas More High School.

St Margarets Church, Leigh on Sea

Big Band Ball at the Mill on the 7th July 2018

Runnymede Hall Theme night 5th Nov 2016



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