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East Africa

East African countries like Kenya seem to have put their emphasis on traditional art like painting in recent times. In fact, the entire region seems to have one of the more prominent art scenes I've seen while researching this topic. Kenya and Uganda are especially prominent at hosting many events to showcase its art. Here are some posters from some recent exhibitions: 
 Uganda Kenya
Personally, I think it's very exciting that one's ability to express themselves via art is spreading all over the world in places that would not normally have it. It just shows that people are getting much more creative recently. Besides that, Ugandan and Kenyan art as well as other East African countries' art has obtained a blossoming scene, with many beautiful paintings and pictures popping up everywhere. It's really cool. Here's a small collection of art from East Africa. 
From Top: Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda
East African Art seems to combine more modern ideals with its traditional past, seen in every single one of the previous pictures. It's really creative, something not seen in other parts of the world and is really awesome! The music scene of the region is a little bit less developed, however as trying to search up music from the region is extremely hard to do. The amazing painting stemming from the area is more than enough to say that it's certainly developing exponentially. Good job, East Africa!