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The Thirunellai Village or Thiruvilla kadavu village of Palakkad, Kerala in South India is a small brahmin village located in the banks of the river kannadi puzha (Nila). It is 4 km from Palakkad town. Thirunellai is a small village mainly inhabited by Brahmins or Iyers who have migrated from Thanjavur, 2 or 3 centuries before. This village consists of 150 houses arranged in a manner that each house (in every lane) is built in such a way that each one supports the other in a linear fashion. This way the houses are arranged either sides of the road.‎

    The main festivals are Rathotsavam(or chariot festival) and 'Sasthapreethi' . Sasthapreethi is celebrated during the beginning of each year and Rathotsavam is celebrated each year in Indian summer months of April, May (Uthram, Chithirai Masam). Rathotsavam is celebrated period of 10 days from the day of 'Dhwajaraohanam' till the last day 'Aarrattu'. 9th day is the main day, The 'Rathayathra'.