You have 2 tasks to complete to inform the Queen about your colonial regions.

 Task #1:

Every expert needs a copy of the information sheet attached at the bottom of the page.  Use the information sheet and the links below to research your colonial region.  *Hint* The first link "Social Studies for Kids" is the best place to start.

   Task #2:

After completing the information sheet for each region, your team will need to create descriptions of the following:

large landowners, farmers, artisans, women, indentured servants, slaves, and Native Americans.

Decide which region each person would have most likely lived within. 

That expert is responsible for including information about each of their “people” in their pages of the PowerPoint.  The Queen will want to know who will be living near her, so be thorough!   

Information Links:

Social Studies for Kids

Original 13 Colonies Online Resources

America’s Library

A Day in the Life of Colonial Williamsburg

Regions of the 13 Colonies

Mr. Nussbaum’s Original 13 Interactive Map


PBS Colonial House

Kid Info

**All three members need to have ALL information for their region

before your team may move on to the Presentation page.

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