If you can’t explain
something to a six-yearold,
you really don’t understand
it yourself. —
Albert Einstein

These are the materials I've enjoyed since Jul 28, 2011. I hope this will be helpful to someone.
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TitleAuthorCategoryTypeLinkNotesLate Date Read
TitleAuthorCategoryTypeLinkNotesLate Date Read
Debt: The First 5000 Years David Graeber History Book Chapter 5 makes an interesting case that we already are practicing communism. This book is a must read. April 6, 2017 
Why Socialism? Albert Einstein Socialism Essay  November 11, 2016 
Uncle Bob The Future of Programming (Kuppelsalen, Copenhagen) Robert C. Martin Software Development Talk  June 14, 2016 
The Purpose of Estimation Martin Fowler Software Development Article Good read about knowing when to do estimate June 8, 2016 
Design, Composition and Performance Rich Hickey Software Development Talk Probably the most important presentation for the Software Development today June 7, 2016 
Confucius from the Heart Yu Dan Philosophical Book Great easy and insightful read April 23, 2016 
Datawarehousing Concepts Basics (Fact and Dimension Table)  Database Video A very good introduction to datawarehousing from a typical developer who has worked only with 3NF databases. March 19, 2015 
Estimation Games Rob Thomsett Software Development Article See also hackernews comments - March 12, 2015 
Java Tech Boise - Clojure - June 20, 2013 Justin Reed Programming Presentation  January 4, 2014 
Simple Made Easy  Rich Hickey Programming Talk  December 31, 2013 
Inventing on Principle Bret Victor  Talk  December 30, 2013 
Null References: The Billion Dollar Mistake Tony Hoare Programming Language Talk  December 30, 2013 
Beating the Avarages Paul Graham Software Development, Programming Article  November 27, 2013 
The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) Joel Spolsky Programming Article  November 25, 2013 
Mountain West Ruby 2012 Capability vs. Suitability Gary Bernhardt Software Development Talk  October 17, 2013 
Thoughts on code reviews Davy Brion Software Development Article  August 15, 2013 
There's Only One Valid Metric For Developer Productivity And Quality Davy Brion Software Development Article  August 15, 2013 
Software Development: Fast and Slow Michael Dubakov Software Development Article  July 31, 2013 
What to Say When Someone Just Doesn't Get It Alan Shalloway Software Development Article  July 26, 2013 
How Religion Destroys Programmers John Sonmez Programming Article  July 18, 2013 
Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years Peter Norvig Programming Article  July 17, 2013 
Design Tech Talk Series Presents: OO Design for Testability Miško Hevery Programming Talk  June 24, 2013 
SRP: Simplicity and Complexity Sandro Mancuso Programming Article  June 21, 2013 
Effective Unit Testing: A Guide for Java Developers Lasse Koskela Programming Book   
Peopleware: Productive Projects and Teams Tom DeMarco, Timothy Lister Software Development Book   
Developers - Prima Donnas of the 21st Century Hadi Hariri Software Development Talk   
Getting Started with the NetBeans Platform Geertjan Wielenga Technology, Programming Video   
javapractices Hirondelle Systems Architecture Website   
Why extends is evil Allen Holub Programming Article   
5 dangerous things you should let your kids do Gever Tulley Creativity Talk   
Why getter and setter methods are evil Allen Holub Programming Article   
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity Ken Robinson Creativity Talk   
The New Methodology Martin Fowler Software Development Article   
Are Frameworks Making Developers Dumb? Sivaprasadreddy Technology Article   
How the Linux kernel works  Technology Article   
Why the future doesn't need us Bill Joy Dystopian Essay   
Craft and Software Engineering Glenn Vanderburg Architecture Presentation   
Interview with Venkat Subramaniam ThirstyHead Interview Video   
Code Complete 2nd Ed Steven C. McConnell Architecture Book   
Outliers: The Story of Success Malcom Gladwell Psychology, Sociology Book   
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