Do You Want Your Vote On Important Issues to Make a Difference?

Are YOU Feeling LEFT OUT of the two Party system? Well You are among almost 75 Million Americans !  
This number represents MORE potential voters than either major party can claim during any historic election.
The High number of actual votes will be less than 120 Million in 2012. Leaves a HUGE number of NOTA (None of the Above) votes to be honored. WE WANT YOUR VOTE for Issues NOT Political Personalities !!!!

Now that the 2012 Election Show is Over, Time to Join the Third Rail Movement NOW

 Both Major Political parties have attempted to Discount nearly 40% of eligible voters over the last 100 years, by making it hard to vote when it means the most. Those days are now officially over, and we intend to Make a new set of rules on how much One Person, One Vote can mean.  We are NOT affiliated with ANY registered political party or PAC. This issues-based voting system is NOT subject to State Election laws in US and represents an open community resource as a non binding activist effort. No representations are made regarding identity(we take your personal privacy quite a bit more seriously than some social networks) of the voters.

We are offering the People of the United States a monthly 'Peoples Resolution" drawn from the community at large, to vote on NOW. We feel that the reason that politicians, by and large, are satisfied with biennial or quadrennial voting(every 2 to 4 years) is that the voice of the People is not welcome(unless you are a well paying lobbyist or corporation with deep pockets). But at end of the day(or month) what matters is who can bring in lots of actual voters. 

No more Polling samples of 500 potential more petitions to those in power hoping for a change..simple DIRECT VOTING ACTION in numbers too big to IGNORE. (See 'Where The Voting Reports Go further down this page). We are open to your suggestions for issues of National Importance. Send a note here

Your Voice and Votes are welcome here.

The 'Third Rail' metaphor is from the mass transit systems around our world, which delivers the key POWER for moving large amounts of People AND is usually considered DANGEROUS for anyone to touch(wink..Mind the Gap). 

 We endeavor to bring meaningful 'People's Resolutions', as an effective "People's Vote" parallel to HR(House Resolutions) or SR(Senate Resolutions) as a means of gathering votes around these issues. 

Your VOTE Will be completely anonymous, and the polling application we are using only allows for one vote on one computer. We hope you will become a regular visitor to the 'Third Rail' and perhaps share this among your social communities to assist with spreading the word. We are actively encouraging ALL United States Citizens voting age adults to consider adding your NONE of the ABOVE (NOTA..meaning not Red or Blue) response to our campaign. 

Even if YOU haven't voted in Years, 
PLEASE ADD YOUR Voice Here ! !
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First National Issue of Importance
October/November 2012
PR 2012.1 (People's Resolution)
Department of Peace
Next People's Referendum on Universal Single Payer Health Care (Dec/Jan)

And of Course Please Update Your Voter Registration Here
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...that this nation, ...shall have a new birth of freedom—and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.

So Who Gets the Latest Results of this Voting?
We are connected to Open Media Companies, and regularly re tweet the results through those entities.
Periodic Updates Will be Posted On this Site AND Circulated among select compatible Media Outlets

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