Topic Sentences

Audience:  2nd grade students

  • Goal statement:  Students will understand the purpose of a topic sentence and will be prepared to write some topic sentences.

  • Objectives:  
    • Students will write 2 different topics sentences.
    • Students will begin each sentence with a period and end it with a capital letter.
  • Materials used:  Green index cards*, pencils, media projector, internet connection.

  • Introduction:  Today you are going to learn how to write a topic sentence.  A topic sentence tells the main idea of a paragraph.

  • Activities:  
    1. View the following website:  topic sentence
    2. Remind students that a topic sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period.
    3. Create an organized topic sentence by filling in this form as a class.  
    4. Each child will write one topic sentence the front of their green index card.  Then they will trade with someone near them to check for capitals and periods.  
    5. After each child's sentence has been corrected, the children will write a second topic sentence on the back of the card and they will need to show this to the teacher before being dismissed for recess.
  • Reteaching Opportunity:  If a student does not write their sentence correctly, they can get help from a peer on the first side of their card.  If their second sentence is not correct, they can get help from their teacher and fix it up during the first few minutes of recess.

  • Accommodations for Special Needs:  a few students may access this form using the classroom computers.  They can print their completed form out instead of turning in a green card if they are unable to write the sentences.

  • Accommodations for ELL students:  Students will be paired with a partner if they need assistance or if they need further practice speaking.

  • Accommodations for Gifted and Talented Students:  Students may write a simple or a complex topic sentence as long as it starts with a capital and ends with a period.

  • Closure:  End by teaching the students this chant:
            A topic sentence tells the main thing (clap)
            about what you are going to write.(clap)
            The highlighter we choose is green.(clap)
            It means Go! (Go!)  You're out of sight!

*Green is the color of a topic sentence and of a concluding sentence in Step-Up-To-Writing.

Scoring Rubric: Two Topic Sentences

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