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You Are What You Eat

Have you ever heard the expression "You are what you eat!"? 
When people say that they don't mean that eating a hamburger will actually make you turn into a hamburger.  They mean that your food choices affect your health and how well your body functions. If you make unhealthy food choices, your body will not be as healthy as it should be and it will not function as well as it could.  If you make healthy food choices, your body will be healthy and will function well. 
As you embark on this learning adventure you will explore information about what kinds of foods you should choose to eat, what kinds you should choose to avoid, and how the foods that you eat affect your body.  By the end of this adventure you will be able to identify how to make wise food choices to create a healthy plate. 
Before you begin, take a look at this short video to learn about the adventure creator and why this adventure is important.