I will slowly be adding tutorials on these various topics as related to airbrushing.  PDF and Video versions will soon be available. 

  • Introduction to Airbrushing Miniatures and Models (.pdf)
  • General Airbrush Troubleshooting (.pdf)
  • Photo Manipulation for Airbrushing (.pdf)
  • Glow or basic OSL (.pdf)
  • Gradients/OSL/Zenithal/Modulation
  • Gems (.pdf)
  • Lightning (.pdf)
  • Fire (single or multi-layered)
  • Clouds/Smoke
  • Skulls
  • Carbon fiber
  • Nebula's
  • Eclipses- & Comets-
  • Scratches/tears/bullet holes
  • Silhouetted backdrops(mountains, cities, waves, celestial bodies and other scenery)
  • Many textures
My tutorials are using acrylics as they are non-toxic.  The tutorials are aimed at airbrush artists more amateur than myself.  You may disagree with some of my methods or conclusions. Good for you! keep thinking and sharing.  Why share?  Because what fun is it to sit on the top of a tinny hill when by building those up around you you potentially contributed to a much bigger hill for all to enjoy the view. 

If you have any requests, or feedback, regarding these tutorials please contact us.