Painting Comissions

First I do a few types of commissions.

1. Paint for playing/display: 

You give me a model, or pay for me to buy it, I paint it as to your spec.  More restrictions higher cost, more freedom lower cost.  In the end you have a nice centerpiece or display piece.  The more unique the model or freedom to paint the less I charge as its more fun.  A Titan or large model is not necessarily that much more expensive than a medium tank if Im really interested in painting it or its a simple design. 

2. Paint for advertising/charity/gamble:  As  a vendor/store you give me a model to paint.  There are 3 main variables.

A. Painting specifications:  The more detail and exacting in how you want it painted the more it costs, the more freedom I have the less it costs. 

B. Ownership:  If I am intersted in keeping the model when done I will give you nice photographs, and charge less. If I give it back when done the more it costs.  Basically I puts some sole into it but give it up that costs a bit more than if I keep it.  Keeping it is typically decided BEFORE i proceed.

C. Time scale: If you need it painted ASAP, it falls behind any paid comission that arrives before it but otherwise is top priority and is usually done in 2-4 weeks unless incredibly complicated.  If I can paint it on my own time then it costs less.

 Therefore the more fun I have and the more pretties I accumulate the less it costs you.  If I really want to paint it it costs you nothing if I have total freedom and get to keep it.   You will get nice pictures because I do have an ego to maintain.  

What will I paint.

Third fate creations will paint almost anything but at present the majority of my “canvases” tend to be Wargamming, models including Battletech, Battlestar, Warhammer 40k vehicles including but not limited to tau, elder, marines, chaos marines, and IG. Inquire about other models.  I work primarily with an airbrush and will base all painting off of the principle that over 90% of the time will be spent with the airbrush or related efforts.

I will not paint troops.  I can do lovely blends, shadowing, etc on troops with an airbrush but frankly I would rather spend time painting bigger and better things. There are many other painters out there who would be more than happy to paint your troops and entire armies. There are exceptions.  As you may note in my gallery I do paint small things that are troop sized, but I will not paint it over and over and over again.

Other objects commonly worked on include fake fantasy weaponry, dragons, canvas, etc. Inquire with object type,  image/link, and details of potential commission to see if I can meet your needs.

Quality of work.

I have considered offering gradations of paint jobs but will only work on something that I feel is complete and pleasing.  Two-color gradients with detail is rather boring and I would rather spend our time on something more interesting and unique.  This is not to say I wont do gradients as a part of the project. But I want some freehand work on the project as well. Anyone with an airbrush and a bit of patience can slap out a gradient/zenithal/color modulation.  Our projects will have something more.  Granted, some projects don't lend themselves to a lot of or much freehand.  In these cases something unique will be pulled off in the way its painted.

As both parties should come away from any commission feeling good I will only accept commissions I feel I can pull off to my standard.  I am by no stretch of the imagination "good" the question for you is am I good enough or does my style fit your goal.  As time progresses and people request things I cannot/will not do I will be working on my own to pulling off those effects or find ways to improve their visual interest and then offer them when I feel I have them to an acceptable standard. 

To reiterate, I paint to one of two standards effectively.  These are a completed(includes blends lighting etc etc including a lot of detail but little inspiration), and bat-sh#t crazy all out(This depends on model type and I will offer it when I have a crazy idea).  Examples of my standards are viewable in the gallery.  I will not put lofty titles on my standard as many people would disagree on what constitutes such standards.  My pricing is stated for the good quality high detailed model.  However, I may offer a crazy inspired idea, or you may, Or I may at some point on the commission say, I'm done to this point, But I have a great idea, if you accept the price would increase(or not if I have freedom and want to do the addition) and Ill go nuts on it.   



The bottom line.  Cost (USD).
The minimum price for 

Exceptions:  If I keep it(you get pics for advertising) or I am really interested in that particular unique model I may take a notable discount to the above, but that often requires I get a high level of freedom in how to paint it. 

Multiple identical, or nearly identical models will be slightly cheaper per model, Limit 3.  Costs vary by unit type depending on geometry and complexity of model as well as complexity of work required.  At present I do not paint groups of troops.  The price quoted will include all costs associated with the commission.  The minimum prices above assume I am fully assembling and prepping the model.  They also assume a minimum level of work.  If your request is below this base level I will suggest additions to push it to this level.  Most likely your cost will be within 20% of the minimum unless what your wanting is above and beyond, requires an extraordinary amount of prep work, or is an incredibly difficult/large object to paint. I establish this minimum so that my limited time is spent on something truly worth while.  The vast majority of vehicles people want painted are well below this level especially concerning freehand and unique imagery, and thus are well below this cost. 

After hashing out some of the rough details half of the total price will be received before work begins or materials are acquired.  Once the first payment is received we will hammer down all the fine details of the commission.  If you change your preferences after I’ve started the commission it will cost extra based on the added work required.  When the mini is finished, you’ll receive photos for final approval. Payment in full is required before I ship you the mini.  I prefer payment via money order or PayPal. Checks are accepted but must clear before work begins or the miniature is shipped. Payment by check requires an additional $10.

The pricing will be based on several things.  The Purchasing, Assembly, Concept art, Prep work, Painting, Supplies, Finishing and Shipping. 

At the minimum I set my prices I expect to rarely have a backlog as so few people want or can afford this level of painting, so don't be afraid to ask what my status is. 

Model Acquisition and Assembly

You can save by purchasing it yourself and providing shipping materials assuming you send it to me.  At this point I would prefer to do the majority of the assembly and will not discount based on partially assembled  or primed models as I may need to disassemble parts to make them accessible for painting.  Therefore,  do not assemble or prime the models unless we work out to what level of assembly you do before sending it.  If you would like a certain adhesive used tell me, this will be added to the cost if I do not have it.  The price quoted will include the cost of painting, prep, and shipping standard rates. 

I will not paint strip your models.

If you have assembled or primed the model inform me, with images so that I may determine if I can still work with it.  If you want to save money by partially assembling it I would be more than happy to tell you to what level of assembly you should stop. 

Titans and large models are a slightly different story. It is understood that most people who have bought these will have already assembled them.  If this is the case let me know what level of assembly has been completed, preferably with a picture of the model in its most disassembled state.  


If you want express It can be done but will cost more.  I advise you also to pay for insurance on anything you send.  I will include the cost of insurance in my quote but am not responsible for lost or damaged items.  I prefer USPS as they are the most reliable in my area.  If you ship models to me do NOT use UPS under any circumstances, otherwise I will tack on additional 30 dollars or 10%, whichever is greater, as they are extremely inconvenient in my area.    

I typically ship USPS Priority mail ($6-$11 for most models in medium boxes) with delivery confirmation/tracking (~$1)  On orders over $100 I highly recommend insurance (~$3 for 1-$200 and ~$6 for over 200 I believe).  Thus Typical tanks will likely ship for about 15 dollars. 


Purchasing the model.

At present I am limited to retail as I have been unable to work deals with local stores.  We can mail order from chaos but you will cover the price of shipping.  I will not purchase forge world for you at this time. If I have to purchase the model then the cost of the model plus shipping materials will be included in the quote.  I order from forgeworld or wherever as needed, you just pay upfront.



Includes sanding priming and protective coat (dull or clear).

Folds in the cost of all expendables, design work, Specialty stencil work, and painting.

Will use as many colors as it takes and as many intermediate protective coats as it takes. This will be estimated in the cost of the paint job.  If special colors are needed then the cost of acquiring these paints will be included.  If you want a match to the rest of your army I will use up to 4 colors as bases for matching (GW, PP, Valehio etc) but then will use my standard stock of airbrush paint to work from there.  This makes it easier for the actual painting and less frustration on my part getting paints to flow means more actual painting for your money.  At present I will not use Urethanes on projects. 

All items are considered to be works of art for display and handled appropriately.  While I sand, prime, and seal with care, abusive or frequent handle will eventually result in wear.  A 2-part urothane rattle spray can be acquired but this will tack an additional 30 or more to the cost as this is a one time use item(I cannot reuse the remainder) and its very toxic to spray. 

I decide when the project is complete.  I will not intentionally use this to cheat you as this hurts reputation. But this is necessary to prevent a never ending project after a price has been finalized.

Turnaround time.

This will depend on a few things.

I will work hard to get your commission to you as fast as I can without sacrificing quality.  Therefore, while in many cases a project will be completed within one week from start, it may take several weeks.  In most cases I will finish within 1 month of the receipt of first payment.  If life gets in the way and it takes longer I will give a modest discount on the final bill. A basic tank should be done in under a month, if it does not have heroic levels of detail/freehand.  However, a titan with multiple parts and lots of curves can take a month or two.  I want the end product to be something we are both proud of and that requires both time and planning.  



The images of the model, in progress or finished, are copyrighted to me, and I retain the rights to use them as I see fit. If you are using them for advertising your line you get the same privelage.  If you want me to give up my rights to use it that will cost a bit more. But frankly my use of them just serves to advertise more for you. You may use an image on your website or in a public gallery as long as I am credited as the painter.


Including but not limited to.

These are works of art, meant to sit on a shelf.  Handling and wargamming may damage the paint job. You do so at your own risk.  I typically ad a clear coat for protection but it only protects so much. (But I play with most of mine and have had no problems so far...)

I do not paint safety equipment.  If a Helmet is painted it is no longer safety equipment it is a work of art meant to sit on a shelf.  

I am not responsible for models or anything else lost in the mail in either direction.  If you want shipping insurance request this and the cost will be added.  Insurance is typically very cheap, get it.


The following services will likly be a part of any job taken. The particulars will depend on what you require.
  • Assembly with your choice of adhesive (within reason easily attainable at hobby shops)
  • Prep work including sanding, priming, and cleaning. 
  • Help with custom imagery and design to flesh out your idea.
  • Specialty stencil creation based on the desired work.
  • Various freehand techniques and effects. See specialty painting effects.
  • Fine detail with paintbrush as necessary. 
  • Protective coating.  Your choice of dull or gloss sprays or whichever I feel is appropriate. I typically use Krylon or automotive sprays.  Two and 3 part clears are not offered. 

Specialty Painting Effects

These include some, but by no means all of the effects I am comfortable painting. New techniques are possible and will be verified before we proceed.

  • Gradients/OSL/Zenithal/Modulation
  • Gems
  • Lightning
  • Fire (single or multi-layered)
  • Clouds/Smoke
  • Skulls
  • Carbon fiber
  • Nebula's
  • Eclipses
  • Comets
  • Scratches/tears/bullet holes/carbon scoring
  • Silhouetted backdrops(mountains, cities, waves, celestial bodies and other scenery)
  • Many textures, I will suggest or ask.