TFC Miniature Painting and 3D Modeling Studio

I can enable your models with a variety of styles to dominate attention on the table...
for example...








Or Just Awesome

Granted you pay for it... but you pay based on time/complexity (+) and fun/freedom (-)

But I dont just paint.  Why have these models on display cabinet when they can brighten up a gaming room!  So several times a year I host games at cons and shops.

For example:
UFO incursion response force ---a battle report can be found here. <"UFO battle report">

Wing Commander Fleet:

Battlestar Fleet:

Warhammer 40k--- ok so I havent played this in a while.  

Please feel free to contact me for any questions, inqueries, or look at my tutorials tab on the left.
For an up to date on what random things Im working on follow my blog.

In my studio I create works of art upon canvases of death including war gaming miniatures( such as Battletech, VOR, Warhammer 40k) Titans, model vehicles, and fake weaponry.  I take commissions that require a certain aesthetic high-bar.  For Warhammer 40k and related works, I like to paint targets. I paint centerpieces for an army that goes on the table and attracts attention, preferably away from those scouts of yours slipping behind their lines.  I like the project to either attract an undue amount of firepower or keep your opponent distracted. 

If you love your Titan you wont let it go out until its dressed to rock!  It may not cost as much as you think, the more fun and freedom I have the more the cost goes down to the base level. Especially if I like the model and have never painted one before.

Sci-Fi Vehicles for sale

The kickstarter may have died, but that just delayed it. Most have been produced in limited supply.  I have mine so when they run out they are out.  Id rather be painting.

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What makes our services different

  • I will paint your Tank Titan or whatever to take it to the next level.
  • I will do over 90% of the project with an airbrush. If this is not possible I will not take the project.
  • I will not take a large backlog of projects. This is a double edged sword as it means I cannot "lock" you into something that I cannot get done within 2 months (assuming up to one month for most non-titan projects).  But this means you have the option to still shop around and change your mind until the job is accepted and money is exchanged. 
  • I do not do armies or sets of troops.  I paint 1-3 attention grabbing pieces regardless of scale.  Why spend a lot for a big tank or titan model only to slap on 3 colors. 
  • I am willing to invest a lot of freehand into a project, rather than the more common two color gradients with modeled detail.  This lends itself well on on larger projects but has some very interesting effects on smaller. See the Gallery for a range of completed works.
  • Any project I take will be something I am invested in rather than just accepting your job for your money.  While the prices may seem high I will not be just working to satisfy the minimum requirements. I will be working to make something extraordinary.

Fun quotes from games and elsewhere

"If you're going to soak up that much firepower, might as well look GOOD doing it!"

"...but I can't shoot it sir, its just too pretty."

"We're so screwed!" (Farscape)

"Go ahead and take your next few turns while I just drool."

"But why should I shoot at it, its already on fire."

"Um, I give up.  With an army like that you either suck or will kick my butt, either way wont be much fun for me"

"I had to blow it up, It was making my tanks look bad"