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Linkable Policy Statements

posted 18 Feb 2010, 09:10 by wheresmydad org

A nice table of policies and changes to Government, both local and central is now available with Short Links to the text.  Have a look at our WordPress at and don't forget to follow us at 

Liking the RobinHood Tax!

posted 10 Feb 2010, 06:44 by Andrew Previous

The campaign for the Robin Hood Tax is hotting up, and their video can be seen at

You can also see their page on Facebook at and follow them on Twitter at

Details of my suggestion of a Sales Tax to the BBC Newsnight Politics Pen in Nov 2009 - which was agreed by both Lord Digby Jones and Matthew Taylor - can be watched here and the figures behind the idea can be read here!759A34B078AEE95B!678.entry

New domain and a WordPress blog too ...

posted 6 Feb 2010, 02:47 by wheresmydad org

The domain now points to this site, and we'll be setting up Google to manage email and hosting soon.

To make our message available to the most people, we created so search engines can find us more easily.  Using MS Live Writer, our posts will duplicated between all our services.

Blog and site finished!

posted 5 Feb 2010, 04:38 by wheresmydad org

Both the general website and the blogsite have now been finished - yay!

The blog can be seen at 

The latest change was Geographical and Boundary Review 

Changes to the Tax System

posted 4 Feb 2010, 03:10 by Andrew Previous

The current tax systems are complicated and difficult to understand.  Here are some suggestions for sensible change for fairness and stimulating to business and community alike.

Tax Changes

Defining Criminal Responsibility

posted 4 Feb 2010, 01:31 by Andrew Previous

Our draft Age, Civil & Criminal Responsibility Act will clearly let the public know they are responsible for their own, and sometimes their childrens, actions.

To clarify age related legislation, the Act will also define what can, and cannot, be allowed at certain ages.  This includes buying alcohol, knives, voting etc.

Guiding Principles & Government Restructure

posted 19 Oct 2009, 20:24 by Unknown user   [ updated 4 Feb 2010, 01:31 by Andrew Previous ]

The Guiding Principles and Government Department restructure has been published.  A useful review of Ministerial Responsiblites with sensible business-like controls on the workings of Government.

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