Geographical and Boundary Review

As part of Democratic Reform, all current local government boundaries are to be reviewed, and the local Electoral Ward (as the smallest unit of group voting) will be collected into localities within voting areas. All voting areas and wards will be grouped, and only belong to a single parent group.

Postal Codes will become Openly Available with geo-spatial tagging and Ordnance Survey mapping tags.

As part of this restructure, there will be a simple hierarchy similar to

UK < Country < Area < County < City < Locality [ < Ward] < Postal Out code < Individual

Or in other words for the Number Crunchers:

CTRY < GOR < CTY < LAD    < WD < WCAS < MSOA < LSOA < OA < Individual
CTRY < GOR < PCON           < WD
EER            < PCON           < WD
                 < REGD           < WD

Lowest Level of Analysis will be OA (Ourput Area), with analysis being elevated should the detail be too fine.

In addition, all Vertical Responsibility Departments will structure sub-groups of their department within these clear geographical boundaries. Financial data will need classification to the lowest level on analysis. Major changes will include the VR Dept of Health & Social Care groups like Strategic Health Authorities, Primary Care Trusts etc

Local Government will become a hierarchal structure, encompassing the main Vertical & Horizontal Responsibility Departments with the geographical area managed by the Local Government Unit.