Age, Civil & Criminal Responsibility Act

An act to define ages and age ranges for age-related uses, including the establishment of Civil & Criminal Responsibility.

Where age verification is required for actions, the legislation to be amended to reference Age, Civil & Criminal Responsibility Act.

Civil Responsibility enforces the responsibilities of persons to abide by the law, and generally enrich and integrate within society.

Criminal Responsibility, which is always assumed by default, may be adjudged by Crown Court, with reference to assigning or removing Criminal Responsibility as appropriate (e.g. Special Needs or clear intent for children)

Sentences to crimes to have two elements, a minimum "Punishment" element, and a "Rehabilitation" element, of at least the Punishment element.

New Bill presented to Parliament 05/07/2010: Young Offenders (Parental Responsibility) Bill


Age Band


Example of impact

Young Child

Below 12


  • Parent With Care or Legal Guardian has Criminal Responsibility for Child


12 to 15


  • automatic Criminal Responsibility
  • named in Court Procedures
  • can be issued with ASBO (until phased out)

Young Person

16 to 17


  • vote in Local Elections
  • Civil Responsibility
  • receive certain benefits
  • choose religious beliefs

Young Adult

18 to 20


  • Eligible Adult
  • purchase Restricted Goods
  • vote in General Elections


21 to 70


  • Responsible Adult


Above 70


  • receive certain benefits

Excluded Person



  • has Criminal and Civil Responsibility but excluded from most Civil & Human Rights obligations

The Act will introduce "Excluded Persons", which are people that have lost most privileges for Civil & Human Rights, within the bounds of the UN Charter, however they will always retain their Criminal & Civil Responsibility.  These people include convicted prisoners, Asylum seekers and immigrants awaiting permission to stay.

Parliament have released a comment document which can be read at