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Welcome to "Photo and Sketch".


I'm Yukiko, and I am an enthusiast in photography and painting.


This is "About Me" page for my photography and painting blog, "Photo and Sketch."
So, if you had arrived here not via my blog, please take a look at :-)


"Photo and Sketch" will showcase some of my work on photography and painting with some daily thoughts and comments.

I love painting and taking photos, I have been enjoying both as long as I can remember.To me, both of them are great ways to express myself, even though I often get frustrated by my limitations in skills to reflect what I really saw, felt and wanted to achieve at the moment.


After taking photos, I usually add some digital modifications to them, it could be just a simple cropping or level-adjusting, or it could be more significant changes like adding extra colors or effects. To me, photography is a form of expression, a tool to bring my inner vision to this reality and completely free from any restrictions.

I understand that some of the purists would disapprove of these kind of modifications, but one of my desires is to materialize the picture my mind eyes see there rather than what is there.

I love to create pictures with not only with conventional materials like paints, brushes and pencils, but also with camera, lenses and computer :-)


By the way, as you guessed that English is not my native language - so quite likely you come across some linguistic mistakes here and there.

You can do two things if you find one of those errors or odd expressions - either leave them as they are and wish I might notice the mistakes one day, or email me with the correction.


I hope you enjoy my blog, and if you feel like sparing some time for me, please leave some comments. I would appreciate any messages.





My Work

Besides my "Photo and Sketch" blog, you can see some of my photos on following photography website;


TrekNature .....


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A Small Notice


All the photos, pictures and writings are copyrighted to me.

If you are interested in using one of my work or would like to commission me, please contact me by email at thinkingmagpie (at) .