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3rd Millennium, Inc. -
Our bioinformatics consulting, systems development, and integration services help ensure your bioinformatics systems are fully geared toward your success and unique strategies. We focus on deploying the best technologies for today while working on the best technologies for tomorrow.
 Accelrys -
Supplier of bioinformatics software for gene and protein sequence analysis, high-throughput screening systems and databases for managing bioassay information. Formerly Oxford Molecular, Genetics Computer Group (GCG), Molecular Simulations Inc. (MSI), and Synopsys Scientific Systems.
• ALCARA BioSciences -
Microfluidics arrays ("lab-on-a-chip" for high-throughput pharmaceutical drug screening, multiplexed gene expression analysis, and multiplexed SNP genotyping.
• AlgoNomics -
Provides online, as well as on-site, tools for protein sequence analysis and structure prediction. Focused on the relationship between the amino acid sequence of proteins and their function.
 ALMA Bioinformatics -
Develops tools for microarray data analysis and text-mining from scientific texts.
AMITA Databases -
Front-line and back-end bio-database development services for bioinformatics projects: design and maintenance of public sequence repositories, commercial data mining applications of molecular biology databases, automated data mirroring, database conversion.
• Applied Biosystems -
Offers instrument-based software for the discovery, development, and manufacturing of drugs.
 Array Genetics, Inc. -
Provider of software solutions to meet the needs of researchers seeking to extract information from genome sequencing projects and DNA microarray screening. Free access to SeqIt, an on-line protein database mining program.
Ariadne Genomics Inc. -
Software for biological pathways visualization and analysis, functional interpretation of genetic information.
BioDiscovery, Inc. -
Offers microarray bioinformatics software and services.
• Biodatabases -
Molecular database technologies. To-Oracle database conversions. Data-mining and eCommerce development for genomics and proteomics.
• Structural Bioinformatics, Inc. -
Expediting lead discovery by providing structural data and analysis for drug targets.
• GenOdyssee SA -
Provides to the pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotech industry full range of post-genomic services : HT SNP discovery and genotyping, and functional proteomics.
Clondiag Chip Technologies -
Develops software for the analysis and management of microarray data.
• VizXlabs -
Develops software systems for the acquisition, management and analysis of molecular biology data and information.
• Rosetta Inpharmatics -
Informational genomics - the integration of bioinformatics with genomics tools to accelerate and improve the drug discovery process. Providing an economical, reliable, and flexible technology for pharmaceutical, biotechnology and agricultural companies.
• CSIRO Bioinformatics -
Provides statistical consulting and specialised software development services to the biotechnology industry.
• SBI Science LLC -
Consulting in gene product analysis, including structure-based sequence alignment, homology modeling, and x-ray crystallography.
• Tripos, Inc. -
Provider of discovery research software & services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology, & other life sciences companies worldwide.
Genolyze -
Provides microarray and gene expression data analysis.
Metalife AD -
Software company providing integrated molecular database technologies for life science research. NB: control to see site in English is at lower right.
Evolutionary BioInformatics -
Bioinformatics/genomics consultancy with expertise in comparative genomics and model organisms for target development and biological understanding.
Cambridge Antibody Technology -
Company developing human monoclonal antibodies as novel therapeutics. Also applying its technology platform to functional genomics to assist the discovery of new drug targets.
TimeLogic Corporation -
With our DeCypher Bioinformatics Accelerator, TimeLogic speeds genomic discovery for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. DeCypher dramatically accelerates computationally intensive algorithms, including BLAST, Smith-Waterman and HMM analysis.
ePitope Informatics -
Specializes in epitope prediction and protein analysis for proteomics, diagnostics, therapeutics, life science research, and antibody production.
United Bioinformatica Inc. (UBI) -
Provides bioinformatics software in Canada for laboratory information management systems (lims), sequence analysis, microarray expression analysis, and proteomics (1d and 2d gel image analysis).
 Iobion Informatics LLC -
Specializing in software for the analysis of microarray data (GeneTraffic.
MediCel Ltd. -
Software and services for reverse engineering and modeling of biochemical pathways for drug target discovery and validation projects related to inflammatory diseases.
 Genomatica, Inc. - Home of the Genetic Circuits Simulation System -
A leading innovator of in silico systems biology, building proprietary cellular-level models to accelerate the identification & production of more effective drugs, chemical & agricultural products, & enabling in-silico biological discovery.
Caesar Software, LLC -
Offers iOligo software which designs oligonucleotides for PCR or sequencing reactions, and orders them directly from synthesis companies.
 CeuticalSoft -
provides custom Excel programming services for drug discovery applications.
Quantiom -
Products and services for bioanalytical data analysis.
 Matrix Science -
Mascot, the on-line search engine for protein identification using mass spectrometry data
Discovery Partners International -
Discovery Partners International is the premier provider of technology, products and services that augment the drug discovery efforts of the pharmaceutical industry.
DNA primer and probe synthesis and diagnostic PCR assay design.
MDL Information Systems -
Discovery informatics company for life sciences and chemistry. Makers of Assay Explorer software to track and datamine imaging based experiments.
 MathSoft Inc. -
(now Insightful) is developer of S-PLUS, excellent statistical data mining software. Insightful provides many other data analysis tools. -
Do fast track experiments online for gene analysis, homology analysis for fingerprinting, agarose gel image comparison applications
 CuraGen Corp. -
GeneScape Portal promoting CuraTools, an integrated suite of bioinformatics tools for easy analyses on collections of sequences.
Informagen -
Produces DNA secondary structure prediction software including alignments and Chous-Fasman analysis.
 Geospiza, Inc. -
Geospiza's bioinformatics software helps service, research, and clinical laboratories manage and analyze data from genomics, DNA sequencing, genotyping and proteomics.
DECODON - software tools for functional genomics -
makers of Delta2D, software for difference analysis of 2D electrophoresis gels.
 Bioxtal, proteomic services -
Provides crystallography services and recombinant protein production by means of Semliki Forest Virus.
Silicon Genetics -
Bioinformatics tools for visualization and analysis of gene expression data, allowing scientists to extract knowledge for drug discovery and gene function identification.
 BioSoftSolutions -
Develops software analysis tools for mass spectrometry-based proteomics and microarray-based image processing.
BioTools Incorporated -
Provides software tools to accelerate the research process: GeneTool for DNA sequence analysis, PepTool for protein sequence analysis, and ChromaTool for DNA sequence assembly.
 Predictive Patterns Software -
Provides software for visualization, analysis and classification of gene expression and proteomics data.
Myriad Biotechnology Tool: ProNet -
Myriad's ProNet program is designed to rapidly identify large numbers of novel protein-protein interactions.
 geneticXchange -
geneticXchange provides the only open system Data Integration Platform to help accelerate the drug discovery process for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
Prokaria -
A biotechnology company that is combining ecology and bioinformatics to directly discover novel genes in nature. Currently focussing on thermophiles.
 Oxford GlycoSciences (OGS) -
Provides proteomics-based drug discovery and development and identification of proteins directly associated with diseases.
Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. -
Professional algorithmic and software solutions for the bioinformatics industry: PROSPECT for protein structure prediction, PatternHunter for identifying all approximate repeats in a complete genome, and COPIA for discovering motifs in a family of protein sequences.
 OmniViz Inc. -
Supplier of Clustering and Data Visualization software to the Life and Chemical Sciences industries.
The Institute for Computational Genomics (INCOGEN focuses on computational and data management solutions to the complex challenges faced by researchers in plant and animal genomics.
 Strand Genomics:Life science informatics company - Algorithms for life -
Develops softwares (avadis, acuris for analysis of gene expression, and proteomics data for drug discovery and development.
Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc -
Provides software solutions designed to accelerate life science research using advanced genomic data analysis technology.
 MetaHelix Life Sciences -
Metahelix Life Sciences is a company that specializes in scientific consulting, contract research, application software and product development in the emerging areas of life science informatics and genomics. -
Offers microarray products to further dermatology research. Webpage has information on techniques used to analyze proteins.
 Genaissance Pharmaceuticals, Inc. -
Applies genomics and informatics technologies to improve drug development, pharmaceutical marketing and prescription medication.
BioInformatics, Inc. -
Provides market research to clients in the biotechnology, medical, and pharmaceutical industry.
 Inpharmatica -
Developers of the Biopendium, a resource of protein structure and function information that enables identification of distantly related proteins and thus exploration of the human proteome.
LifeSpan BioSciences -
Provides gene expression and protein localization database aimed at drug-discovery programs. Also offers target validation by selection and prioritization.
 Automated Handling Systems, Inc. -
Java software development and consulting for the bioinformatics industry.
Genamics -
Supplier of DNA and protein sequence analysis software.
 Biosift, Inc. -
Designs tools for comparative genomic data analysis, data integration, and visualization for genomic and protein data.
Relevant Software Inc. -
Project development services for life science software projects.
 ProteomicsSURF -
A Pointer to Proteomics Research Resources! ProteomicsSURF, a meta directory, is dedicated to provide web information on proteomics methods & protocols for both novice and advanced users by pointing appropriate 'directories' that list relevant and useful resources.
Nonlinear Dynamics -
Develops scientific software for proteomics, genomics, drug discovery and bioinformatics. Products include Phoretix, Progenesis and Progenera.
 CELLECTIS : Rational Genome Engineering -
A company developing targeted gene replacement and modification technology.
MiraiBio Inc -
Hitachi Genetic Systems, by MiraiBio Inc, offers quality instruments, software, consumables and supporting applications for the genetics/molecular biology laboratory.
 LION Bioscience AG -
Biological information technology company providing integrated solutions for genomics and bioinformatics to the life science industry.
Gene-IT - High Performance Bioinformatics Software for Sequence Data Mining -
Gene-IT is a bioinformatics company that provides life-science research organizations with scalable high performance software and scientific expertise for biological sequence data mining.
 Hippron Physiomics Inc. -
Develops web-based software for the visualization and analysis of biological signaling pathways for drug discovery and development.
Genomining -
Specializes in the data-mining, discovery, interpretation and management of biological data.
 Sequence Bioinformatics -
Canadian company providing binformatics and knowledge management solutions for life science researchers.
Mathematical Ecology -
Consulting by mathematical models for biological and ecological problems.
 BioBase -
Biological databases, bioinformatics tools, and consulting in gene regulatory processes such as transcriptional control and signal transduction.
GeneData -
Provides customizable software solutions and related scientific services for the analysis of genomics and proteomics data.
 Essential Informatics -
Provides software consulting services to early-stage biotechnology ventures.
Metalife AG -
Developing bioinformatics software for sequence analysis, sequence based predictions, and biological pathway analysis and visualization.
 BioCarta -
Web-based resource of information on gene function, proteomic pathways, and reagent exchange. Forum for information exchange and collaboration between researchers.
Syngene -
Provides bio imaging systems, gel documentation systems and gel analysis software for UV, white light, chemiluminescence, fluorescence applications.
 Proteomes -
Human animal proteome research, consulting and database. Searching for the proteome of birth, growth, aging and disease using proteomics tools, 2D and mass spectrometry. Bilingual but some English pages include Korean text.
LabVantage Solutions -
LabVantage Solutions is a global provider of workflow driven automation tools, knowledge management software, implementation services, and consulting to leading discovery-oriented, high throughput screening, genomics, proteomics, pharmaceuticals, and combinatorial chemistry companies.
 Metabolic Explorer -
Explores and designs metabolic pathways.
Ocimum Biosolutions -
Contract R&D services in bioinformatics, LIMS, genomics, and proteomics for the biotech and pharma industries.
 Tahoe Informatics -
Consulting group specializing in training, marketing, and testing.
Informatics -
Providing integrated information management solutions for the life sciences.
 Industry Support Programme -
Helping industry adapt quickly to, and maximise benefits from, developments in the fast-growing fields of bioinformatics, computational biology, and information technology in general - from the European Bioinformatics Inst.
Molecular Mining Corporation -
Genomics, proteomics, combinatorial chemistry, computational science and machine learning for drug discovery.
 Biosentients Bioinformatics Software -
The Intelligent Molecular Object (IMO) Platform adds speed and efficiency to global data access and integrated analysis. Also: applications integration, automated new applications assembly, ISO9000/FDA/CDER/CFIR validation, distributed computing.
Biomax Informatics AG -
Offers annotated genome database, and DNA and protein sequence analysis tools.
 Compugen -
Develops and markets platforms, tools and products that accelerate post-genomic research, the advanced study of proteins and protein pathways, and drug target discovery.
Bioinformatics Solutions Inc. -
Tools for distant homology search, protein folding, phylogeny, motif finding, alignment, proteomics database and mining
 Genomica Corporation -
BioPharmaceutical software for functional genomics, gene discovery, and positional cloning; using genetic analysis, physical mapping, and sequence analysis.
LabBook -
Provides XML-powered Internet solutions and bioinformatics applications for the life science researcher to access, data mine, integrate, store, and visualize biomedical information.
 Life Science Informatics Solutions -
InforMax's solutions combine molecular biology techniques, information technology and Internet communications to automate the research process, facilitating high-speed analysis and dramatically increasing productivity.
Gene Biotechnologies -
Offering human, mouse and drosophila genome databases, a View&Search program and advanced products in development. Services include converting custom databases and adding special features.
 Glycominds -
Company focusing on "more efficient and accurate bioinformatic analysis of complex carbohydrates and their interactions".
Ingenovis -
Develops bioinformatics software for molecular visualization, sequence analysis, information and data integration, and organization and management systems.
 Biosiris -
Bioinformatics company specialising in molecular modeling.
InnaPhase Corporation Web Site -
InnaPhase provides innovative desktop and enterprise technology solutions for early drug development teams.
 Invenio Biosolutions -
Offers custom software development for gene and protein sequence analysis, and drug discovery.
Corimbia, Inc. -
Provides software products and consulting services for the processing and analysis of gene expression data.
 DNA Software, Inc. -
Provides consulting on nucleic acid thermodynamics and OMP, the Oligonucleotide Modeling Platform, a software framework for building applications to design multiplex PCR primers, probes and DNA microarrays.
BlueGnome -
Application of advanced statistical methods to the information bottlenecks in drug discovery.
 Insilicos -
Provides proteomics, metabolomics, and systems biology software for mass spectrometry data.
Insilico Bioinformatics Company -
Insilico provides data centered bioinformatic tools for life science and pharma.
 ProCeryon Biosciences GmbH -
Provides protein sequence and structure based bioinformatics tools for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.
Seascape Learning -
Distributes structural bioinformatics software and educational material.
 Genomatix Software -
Offers products and services in functional genomics of gene regulation.