NEW AS Human Geography

Welcome to the new Human Geography Pages for AS Level! 

In September 2016 a new CCEA GCE Specification is being taught for the first time in Geography.   This means that there are some changes to the way that the AS Geography is taught.   For example - the AS in Geography is now only worth 40% compared to the 60% of work in the A2 course.   

The AS in Geography is broken down into 3 units:
AS1:  Physical Geography         1 hour 15 min exam paper      40% of AS (16% of A Level) 
AS2:  Human Geography           1 hour 15 min exam paper      40% of AS (16% of A Level) 
AS3:  Fieldwork skills and Techniques in Geography       1 hour exam paper     20% of AS (8% of A Level)

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