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This was a game of footballing laws, and footballing laws are not meant to be challenged. There was the "law of the ex-player scoring against his old team", "the law of the bogie team" that always gets the best of a certain (usually better) rival, and the rapidly developing "law of Arsenal conceding first against the run of play".

Nicolas Anelka scored a wonder goal. Then he scored a second magnificent counter-attacking goal that sealed the Bolton victory. He had not scored a single Premiere League goal for Bolton until last night. Such is the "the law of the ex", unforgiving. Let's just hope Kanu is out for Portsmouth when we play (in which Sol will probably score a brace).

Arsenal are rapidly creating another law of their own. I'm dubbing it the law of "one nil down are the Arsenal". Last week I called it "ground hog day" law.  It was the tenth time this season Arsenal have conceded the first goal against run of play. Arsene Wenger must fix this quickly. The defensive players must become more aggressive and concentrate harder....