Super Portendo

The Case 


The mold I used is several layers of pine wood glued together that I drew my design on then had cut out with a band saw and had the edges beveled with a router.

After I form both sides of my case I cut it out of the plastic sheets and mold the controls in with bondo spot putty and bondo marine putty. After lots of sanding, primer, more sanding, several coats of paint, and then clear coat. thins is the final result.

For the back side i made recessed holes for the screws. First a large hole is made, then a small piece of plastic is placed under that hole, then a small hole is drilled in that, making it so the head of the screw is not above the plastic.



Guts and finished



  Here is the FC twin i used with most of the caps relocated and a new 7805 regulator.

The board on the right is the SNES board, the middle board is the chopped up NOAC board, and the board on the left is the power/AV board, the final product is missing those big A/V jacks and DC plug

Here is the back part of the case with the regulator, amp (the screen had no amp so i had to build one using an LM386), brightness/contrast control board for the screen, and actual console all packed in

There are the wooden dowels I used as screw posts on the edges.  The perf boards on the edges and the actual controller is the board with the glop top on it.  The screen's board is... that other board in the center.

Final product