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Hopscotch For Younger Learners

Hopscotch For Young Learners ~ The Dance Party Challenge

The Dance Party Challenge was designed to introduce coding to our youngest learners using Hopscotch (a free iPad App) It uses only 2 blocks 

Since our young learners have not yet been introduced to angles or the coordinate grid, these introductory lessons purposely avoids these concepts.
They do, however, use language about negative numbers.  Although negative numbers are introduced later in the math curriculum, our young learners encounter negative numbers in everyday life such as weather.  Programming this simple animation using HOPSCOTCH also helps our young learners experience the engineering design cycle and creativity spiral.  

Lesson 1 - Getting Started
- Download and Install HopScotch
- Review the Home Screen  
- Click +  to Start a New Hopscotch project 

Lesson 2 - Your First Program
- Select a Sprite
- Make your Sprite move forward

Lesson 3 Making your Sprite  Dance
- Adding to your code
- Make your Sprite move forward and backwards

Lesson 4 Creating a Dance Party
- Adding a new sprite
- Introducing the grid
- Position your sprites on the grid

Lesson 5 The Grand Finale

- Adding a Text Object (Sprite)
- Hiding an Object by positioning it Off the Grid
- Adding the Wait Command

Lesson 6 Sharing Your Code

Don't forget to SHARE your Project with us using the directions found on the Share Page.

Additional Resources

Check out Wes Fryers eBook  "Hopscotch Challenges - Learn to Code With an iPad"
Also available for free in the iTunes store