Welcome to Human Geography @ A2 level 

So, you have made it into Year 14!  Well done for getting this far.  I teach the NICCEA specification for A Level Geography.  The subject is divided into Physical (and Decision Making) and Human Geography modules that are examined in May/ June each year.  

After teaching for 17 years at Slemish College, I have just moved to Cullybackey College and am still teaching the Human geography elements of the A Level course along with Mrs A Parker!  Its all very exciting. 

Over the last few years, Mr Manson has used the Think Geography website to contain and organise a lot of his learning resources.  This year though, he is trying to move more resources onto these new learning pages on Google.  

This is the start for the Human Geography Course and we hope that you have a fantastic year.  

If you have any comments or questions please email me at tmanson303@c2kni.net or tmanson@thinkgeography.org.uk.