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Tan Huaixiang, "Character Costume Figure Drawing: Step-by-Step Drawing Methods for Theatre Costume Designers"
Publisher: F o c a l Press | ISBN: 0240805348 | edition 2004 | PDF | 294 pages | 17.3 mb

The author covers exactly how to create character in the pose, then how to give personality to the face. She gives ideas to show youth, children and teenagers, middle age, old age. She gives basic details of muscles and anatomy to make your figures look more alive, and discusses lean and ample frames (something else that isn't an issue in fashion illustration). She gives easy concise drawable cues for emotions, and details of facial features for full, 3/4 and profile views. She even gives basic period figures for Egyptian, Greek/Roman, Medieval, Renaissance, Elizabethan, 18th Cent, Regency, Victorian/Edwardian, 1940's/50's, and contemporary styles. This section is the essentials of the Georgia Baker book boiled down to the kernal of good stuff and is of amazing value if you need to start sketching today - NOW - and can't wait a 6 months till you've got the whole thing nutted out yourself. There's good stuff on hands and feet and shoes. There's great examples of how stiff fabrics and soft fabrics hang differently. There are at least half a dozen really good examples of non-human characters (wolf, crocodile, ostrich etc)that are perfect for learning from.

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