Research Behaviors

Research and its key characteristics:

I promote the following behaviors in research:

  • Ethic Research
  • Shared Research : Even if as researchers we keep original ideas before publication, we have to share most as possible our knowledge and experience in addition of our works in publications. It is the reason why I share in different websites all references of the publications, implementations  and websites that I found in a field.
  • Reproducible Research: I encourage reproducible research by sharing the code of my algorithms and by developing libraries.
  • Help Research: I help younger researchers to grow in the field, and collegues to meet each other in workshops.
  • Eco Research: I encourage eco-responsible behaviors in research. You can compensate your travel by buying carbon credits to EcoTierra.

Research in different fields:

  • Mathematical research consist in designing new mathematical tools for several applications. Thus, the proofs are more fundamental than the experimental validations.
  • Computer Vision research consist in designing new methods for computer vision applications. Thus, the experimental validation are more fundamental than the proofs.