DSAM Website

The aim of this web site is to provide ressources such as references, codes and links to demonstration websites  for the research  on decomposition into sparse plus additive matrices by grouping all related researches and particularly recent advances in this field.

T . Bouwmans, "DSAM Website", Laboratoire MIA, Univ. of La Rochelle, June 2016.

Fair Use Policy

This web site presents a survey
on decomposition in sparse plus additive matrices. If you use information from this web site for publication, please cite the following papers:

T. Bouwmans, A. Sobral, S. Javed, S. Jung, E. Zahzah, "Decomposition into Low-rank plus Additive Matrices for Background/Foreground Separation: A Review for a Comparative Evaluation with a Large-Scale Dataset", Computer Science Review, Volume 23, pages 1-71, February 2017. [pdf]

T. Bouwmans, E. Zahzah, “Robust PCA via Principal Component Pursuit: A Review for a Comparative Evaluation in Video Surveillance”, Special Issue on Background Models Challenge, Computer Vision and Image Understanding, CVIU 2014, Volume 122, pages 22–34, May 2014. [pdf]

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