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  Laboratoire MIA
Université de La Rochelle
  17000 La Rochelle
  tbouwman at univ-lr.fr

Journal Events

T. Bouwmans, N. Vaswani, P. Rodriguez, R. Vidal, Z. Lin, Special Issue on “Robust Subspace Learning and Tracking: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications”, IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Signal Processing December 2018 (More information)

N. Vaswani, Y. Chi, T. Bouwmans, Special Issue on “Rethinking PCA for Modern Datasets: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications”, Proceedings of the IEEE,  July 2018. (More information) [Accompanying website]

T. Bouwmans, F. Biondi, Special Issue on "Sensors in Target Detection", MDPI Sensors, in progress. (More information)

A. Sobral, T. Bouwmans, Special Issue on "Tensor Decomposition for Machine Learning and Signal Processing", MDPI Algorithms, in progress. (More information)

Research Interests

My research interests in computer vision consist mainly in the detection of moving objects in challenging environments (Background Subtraction Research). In this research, I investigated particularly the use of fuzzy concepts, discriminative subspace learning models and robust PCA in video surveillance. My work also concerns full exhaustive surveys on mathematical and machine learning tools used in foreground/background separation. Furthermore, I investigated the field of decomposition into low-rank and additives matrices for background/foreground separation (DLAM Research), the field of decomposition into low-rank and additives tensors for background/foreground separation (DLAT research), and the field of decomposition into sparse and additive matrices for background/foreground separation (DSAM research). Furthermore, my research concerns also robust texture features and feature selection for background/foreground separation (Features Research). Thus, my research concerns background subtraction, fuzzy concepts, Dempster-Schafer theory, Robust Principal Component Analysis, and LBP features.

Recent Publications

T. Bouwmans, “Traditional and Recent Approaches in Background Modeling for Foreground Detection: An Overview”,
Computer Science Review,  Volume 11, pages 31-66, May 2014. [pdf]

T. Bouwmans, A. Sobral, S. Javed, S. Jung, E. Zahzah, "Decomposition into Low-rank plus Additive Matrices for Background/Foreground Separation: A Review for a Comparative Evaluation with a Large-Scale Dataset", Computer Science Review, Volume 23, pages 1-71, February 2017.[pdf]

T. Bouwmans, L. Maddalena, A. Petrosino, "Scene Background Initialization: a Taxonomy", Pattern Recognition Letters, Volume 96, pages 3-11, September 2017. [pdf]

My recent publications are available on Academia, Research Gate, Researchr, ORCID, ResearchID and Publication List.