Kaiser Semmein

Shared by Ralph Nieboer
From Bread Workshops

Kaiser Semmeln

1000 gram of t550 German flour 
550 gram water /milk 50/50 
200 gram sourdough starter (100%hydration)
22 gram salt 
15 gram malt syrup


Loosely mix the water/milk mixture with the flour 
And let it stand for 2 hours

After 2 hours put in the rest of the ingredients

And knead for about 5 min slow 
3 min faster

First bulk rise outside the fridge for two-hours with in that time two stretch and folds

After that put it in the fridge for 24 hours

Take it out of the fridge and measure 100 gram of dough and pre shape into round balls a wait halve an hour to let them rest

Shape into kaiser Semmeln ( see video )
Final rise upside down

Let rise for one hour depending what climate you live in

Pre heat the oven to 250 after 5 min drop to 230 Celsius 
Bake with steam for 15 min /20

Bon Appetit