Original Fiction

Information on the original works of fiction I'm working on.

The TruthSeeker Book I: The Wanderer's Tale

For 3800 years the Allied Races of the northern continent of Eros have fought several wars with the Bane from the southern continent of Afrina. The last, most tragic of the great wars occurred 500 years ago. During that conflict one of the Allied Races went extinct. They were the proud and powerful Xarcadians, keepers of ancient knowledge and wielders of great arcane power. A repeating cycle of hatred and distrust are now threatening to spark another war.

Enter Vaan Albon, the Wanderer, a "spellsword" of some renown. On a journey to find work as a mercenary he encounters a beautiful young girl being brutalized for the crime of having been born a Demonika. A person born half-Bane. After saving her life, he takes her to the lands of the elf-like El'lel where her kind are accepted. Their journey, however, proves treacherous as assassins seeking her life come at them at nearly every turn. Vaan soon discovers that the girl unwittingly carries with her an incredible secret that could either end eons of war and usher in a new Golden Age, or plunge the world deeper into conflict.

This is a the first of a new fantasy series. Chapter readings will be released on Youtube and a complete audiobook will be released for FREE in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats.

Adept Rising

The first of what I hope to be many books.  I'm having a bitch of a time getting this one started.  I keep having writer's block.

Its a sci-fi fantasy tale about a young alien prince who is obsessed with finding out who is responsible for his brother's death when he died when on a diplomatic mission to the Imperium.  His investigation finds out more than he bargained for.  Such as the true origins of his race, the terrible enemy which has hiding silently waiting for their return, and his role in an ancient prophesy that will change the galaxy forever.