More New Updates Coming Soon

posted Jul 28, 2011, 4:08 PM by Michael Haney
Before I left on a month long vacation I finished the story "A New Direction Taken". The finale to the story was very well received. I still have plans for a sequel which will take place only a few years later and focus on Ranma's relationship with his children, and his eventual ascension to Kami-hood.

Next up in the update cycle will new installments of "Ranma Forever", "The Warrior and the Peacemaker", "Ranma Ascension", "Beneath A Crimson Sky", "WTF" and "Something Hentai This Way Comes". SHTWC will be getting the first update with its spin-off "WTF" receiving an update afterwards.

I'd also like announce that "Ranma Universe" (formerly called "Ranma Forever"), will be coming out of mothballs this Fall. The story is a melding of Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Universe. Also, the sequel to my first ever fan fic "The Dark Lord of Jurai" will be started soon with chapters coming out in a month or so.

Additionally, "The Megaverse Saga" is also being resurrected effective immediately, and new chapters will be posted as soon as I get them done.