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Current Update News

posted Nov 30, 2011, 6:53 AM by Michael Haney

At this time I am putting nearly all of my effort into writing my first professional novel, which will be released on the Amazon Store for the Kindle when finished. I will be releasing regular podcast readings of my novel on Youtube, and a full audiobook in MP3 and Ogg Vorbis formats will be available for FREE. If interest grows, I may even release hard copy versions, probably hand-signed.

Because of this my fan fiction updates will slow down. Well, they're slow already, but I will continue to work on them. I will be focusing on specific ones rather than trying to update all of them. The stories that get priority are:

Beneath A Crimson Sky
Ranma Forever
The Warrior and the Peacemaker

The rest will be put on hold until the four listed above are finished. In the mean time, keep a watch on my Youtube channel.

More New Updates Coming Soon

posted Jul 28, 2011, 4:08 PM by Michael Haney

Before I left on a month long vacation I finished the story "A New Direction Taken". The finale to the story was very well received. I still have plans for a sequel which will take place only a few years later and focus on Ranma's relationship with his children, and his eventual ascension to Kami-hood.

Next up in the update cycle will new installments of "Ranma Forever", "The Warrior and the Peacemaker", "Ranma Ascension", "Beneath A Crimson Sky", "WTF" and "Something Hentai This Way Comes". SHTWC will be getting the first update with its spin-off "WTF" receiving an update afterwards.

I'd also like announce that "Ranma Universe" (formerly called "Ranma Forever"), will be coming out of mothballs this Fall. The story is a melding of Ranma 1/2 and Tenchi Universe. Also, the sequel to my first ever fan fic "The Dark Lord of Jurai" will be started soon with chapters coming out in a month or so.

Additionally, "The Megaverse Saga" is also being resurrected effective immediately, and new chapters will be posted as soon as I get them done.

Finally An Update

posted Jun 20, 2011, 4:50 AM by Michael Haney

After more than a year of very nasty Writers's Block I finally finished the last chapter of "A New Direction Taken".  My intention is to continue working on my other stories.  There will be a delay because I play to be out of town for a month, and my laptop is dead, so I won't have anything to work on while I'm gone.  When I return I'll get back on updating my other stories.  I'd like to thank everyone who waited so patiently for these updates and I'm sorry for making you all wait so long.

New Possible Story Host

posted Feb 22, 2010, 6:45 PM by Michael Haney

Thanks to the Jim Bader Yahoo Group I found out about a another fan fiction site which has been around for a long time.  Actually, I've rediscovered this site.  I knew about it a long time ago and forgot about it.  Its much like only it allows NC-17 rated stories.  I may not completely move my fan fics over to this new host but I will most definitely be posting stories here.  Some of my up and coming projects like "Something Hentai This Way Comes" and "WTF" will require a host that is less conservative than  Stay tuned for more.

Also, I'm going to have a new update soon for "A New Direction Taken".  This will finally finish that series and take some of the pressure off.  Sorry for the huge delays between updates.  I'll have something available in a few weeks.

The Next Updates

posted Feb 8, 2010, 11:42 PM by Michael Haney

I have yet to write the Bachelor Party side story, but I will be updating "A New Direction Taken" in a few weeks.  This update will finish the storyline of ANDT.  I have a sequel planned but when I start that I can't say for certain.

The snow here is pretty darned DEEP.  If anyone needs any please come and get some, we have plenty to spare!  PLEASE, COME AND TAKE IT OFF OUR HANDS!!!!

After ANDT I will update "The Warrior and the Peacemaker", "Upon Ethereal Wings" and "Ranma Forever".  The Naruto fan fic "WTF" and the Ranma 1/2 fan fic "Something Hentai This Way Comes" are both related and I'll work on both at the same time.

Coming down the pipe is a new story I posted on Jim Bader's Yahoo Group.  "Sister Secrets" is a Ranma 1/2 fan fic set in the Ranmaverse.  The Tendo sisters are mages in a world where the knowledge of magic is commonplace.  They hide the fact that they practice magic from their father, Tendo Soun, who in his grief blamed magic for his wife's untimely death.  But, the girls continue their studies because they knew it was what their mother would have wanted.  Ranma comes into the picture, bringing with him an incredible secret.  Warning, this is NOT a God Ranma fan fic.  Pairings right now are leaning heavily towards Nabiki.

I must also announce that "The Way of the Force" is now dead.  I will be continuing it.  In fact, I plan to completely re-write the whole thing.  The new story will be completely different and I may even change which Anime its a fan fic of.  The candidates right now are Ranma 1/2, Naruto, or Neon Genesis Evangelion.  If you want to make a suggestion please email me with which one of these you'd like to see as the background for this re-write.

Ranma Ascension Chapter 5 Posted!

posted Jan 16, 2010, 11:20 AM by Michael Haney

I've posted Chapter 5 of "Ranma Ascension" up on  Head on over to read it.  So far its been my controversial update to date.  You'll find out when you read it why that is.  I've gotten some flack for it, but I did what I did for a reason.  The next couple of chapters will be really good so please stay tuned.  I'll try to get more updates out on this sooner and won't let this story molder like I did.  Anyway, please enjoy and don't forget to leave a review.

New Update to Be Posted

posted Jan 13, 2010, 3:35 AM by Michael Haney

I'm in the proofing process right now for a new chapter for "Ranma Ascension".  I'll be posting it tonight if all goes well.  I didn't want to let my project molder for so long but I had a massive attack of Writer's Block.  I should be able to make more regular updates now.  Anyway, the new chapter will be up on tonight assuming I get the proofing done in time.

Zorch Central Has A New Home

posted Oct 27, 2009, 4:27 PM by Michael Haney

Geocities is now gone, and so is Google Pages.  Google switched Google Pages users over to Google Sites.  Its a bit more full-featured than Google Pages, but doesn't support JavaScript which sucks but oh well.  This is the new page and I'll be updating it and making changes over time.  The look and layout will be similar to my old site.  The Google Pages URL will still work but your browser will be redirected to this new address.

As for new fan fiction updates I'll have the new chapter of "Beneath A Crimson Sky" ready in a day or two.

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