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This is my current collection of Japanese anime.  Since I ONLY use characters from anime I'm familiar with the more I have the more choices for characters I have.  I've rated them from 1 to 5, gave a brief description, and indicated which are the dubbed or subbed version I have.
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Ah! My Buddha Comedy, Supernatural, Ecchi A young monk in training possess immense spiritual powers, but he can only unleash them if he sees a naked girl. That isn't a problem because he lives with a bunch of nuns in training who are all BABES! Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Ah! My Goddess TV Romantic Comedy, Supernatural A kind young college student tries to order take out but gets the Goddess Help Line instead. The beaufiul Goddess Belldandy appears to offer him a wish. Thinking its a joke the guy wishes for her to stay with him forever. This is not the OAV but the TV series that is more true to the manga. Sub 5 of 5 Yes 
Angelic Layer Fantasy Sports, Comedy Inspiring tale of a young girl who get involved in a game where you control dolls with your mind to fight in tournaments. She came to Tokyo to see her mother, but is afraid she doesn't want to see her because she's been away for so long. This is one of CLAMP's masterpieces. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Azumanga Daioh Comedy, School Life Funny story about the lives of a group of girls making their way through high school. And, the antics of their crazy teacher and her rivalry with her best friend and fellow teacher. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Chobits Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi Another CLAMP masterpiece. A young man finds a beautiful Persicon (android) thrown out in the trash. She can only say "Chi" at first and he has to teach her how to do things. Turns out she might be a rare, legendary type of Persicon capable of human emotions. Is it possible for a human and a machine to fall in love? Sub 5 of 5 Yes 
Cowboy Bebop Drama, Sci-Fi The story about a group bounty hunters in space who try to break even going after the bigger bounties and try not to get killed in the process. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Full Metal Alchemist Action, Supernatural Two brothers paid a terrible price when they commited the grievous taboo of trying ot use Alchemy to restore their late mother back to life. Now, one of them who a mechanical arm and leg, and the other is a disembodied soul bound to a suit of armor. They stuggle against dangerous foes trying to find the Philosopher's Stone, an artifiact that they hope will make them whole again, but the pirce for it may be too high. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Full Metal Alchemist - The Conquerer of Shamballa Action, Supernatural, Feature Film Two brothers separated on two different worlds struggle to find each other as those two worlds clash head on into war. A great finate to the original series which uses the failed Munich Nazi uprising as one of its backdrops. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Girl Meets Girl Romantic Comedy, Yuri A feminine boy out for a walk to collect his thoughts after being rejected by the girl he loves is injured by a crashing space ship. The alien regenerates him, but unfortunately his gender gets reversed and now he is a "she". Now, the girl who turned him down is suddenly interested in "her", and a childhood friend who is also a girl might also have feelings for her too. Sub 5 of 5 Yes 
GreenGreen Comedy, Ecchi Boarderline hentai story about a group of schools who arrive at a boy's school as part of a trail run at being coed. Only problem is, nearly all of the boys are all hyper-horny. Based on an erotic dating sim of the same name. Sub 5 of 5 Yes 
Gunslinger Girl Drama An Italian secret agecy saves young girls form the brink of death with cybernetic impants and turns thim into living weapons. Extremely well made art theather-esque story. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
.hack//sign Fantasy Story about a player who is unable to log out of an immersive MMORPG and the mysterious force which is awaken in that world and is using Tsukasa for its own purposes. Dub 4 of 5 Yes 
Kodomo no Jikan Comedy, School Life, Lolicon Grade school student Kokonoe Rin has a crush on her teacher. Her teasing and mature advances make his life chaotic. Sub 4 of 5 Yes 
Lucky Star Comedy, School Life The story of a group of high school girls as they discuss school work, Japanese pop culture, Otaku culture, and the online gaming schene. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Magikano Comedy, Magical Girl, Ecchi Hilarious take about a young witch who must turn a whimp into the man of her dreams to cure a curse that will kill her. However, other witches, his sisters and the student council president keep getting in the way, and there's the witch hunter who likes the boy too. Dub 4 of 5 Yes 
Naussica of the Valley of the Wind Action, Sci-Fi, Feature Film A film masterpiece from Hayeo Miyazaki. A young princess of a valley where the wind protets the people from the poisons of the Toxic Jungle is thrust into a war between rival nations who seek the power of an ancient evil that destroyed the world ages ago. Duib 5 of 5 Yes 
Negima!? Comedy, School Life, Supernatural A young wizard in training from the UK comes to Japan to teach at an all-girl middle school. Immediately after getting there a vampire, who was cursed by his father, attacks and then other strange things begin to happen. If only Harry has a harem. Dub 4 of 5 Yes 
Negima!? Season 2 Comedy, Supernatural, School Life A sexier remake of the original series. A young wizard from the UK comes to an all-girl school in Japan as part of his training. He meets a pissed off vampire girl who was cursed by his father, but she is the least of his worries. A strange darkness begins messing with reality and soon the entire class gets caught up in the magical chaos. I bet Hogwarts didn't have this many hot girls in their school. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Neon Geneis Evangelion Drama, Mecha, Metaphysical Humanity is on the brink of extinction because of the Angels. Mysterious entities who seem bent on eradicating all of humanity. Their only defense are the Evangelion, living weapons piloted by children. But, there is a sinister plot behind the organization that built the Evangelions which could be a bigger threat to mankind. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Noir Drama, Action A young girl wakes up with no memory of her past, yet unexplainedly she possess wicked assassin skills. She joins up with an another assassin to uncover the secret of both their pasts, and to find out who is trying to kill her. Sub 5 of 5 Yes 
Ranma 1/2 Romantic Comedy, Martial Arts Oldie but a goodie! Ranma is a martial artist raised to be the best and to be a man among men. Only problem is he has a curse that turns him into a girl when he get wet with cold water. Plus, he's being chased by several girls who all want to be his wife! Dub 4 of 5 Yes 
Shin Tenchi Muyo Comedy, Sci-Fi A major flop in Japan. Tenchi has to move to Tokyo to train to be a priest under a friend of his grandfathers. The girls don't like it, and they like the new girl who has taken a liking to him, but all of their attempts to get in the way are stopped by a mysterious and very powerful new enemy. Story isn't related to the OAV or other TV series. Dub 3 of 5 Yes 
Stellvia Romantic Comedy, Space Opera The shockwave of a super nova devestates the earth. One hundred years later, a young girl goes into space to train to an astronaut and plays an important role in making sure humanity does not go extinct. Sub 5 of 5 Yes 
Tenchi Muyo GXP Comedy, Sci-Fi, Ecchi OAV spin-off. Young Yamada Seina, who has the worst luck, is accidentally recruited into the Galaxy Police. This not only changes his life for the better, but help reshape the galaxy at the same time. Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
Tenchi Muyo Ryu-Ohki Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi Tale of a young boy who discovers an amazing secret about his family bloodline and ends up having several beautiful extra-terrestrials not only living with him, but competing furiously to win his heart. Dub 4 of 5 Yes 
Tenchi Muyo Ryu-Ohki TV Comedy, Sci-Fi TV reboot of the OAV. Young Tenchi saves a beautiful extra-terrestial only to discover she's a Space Pirate. Then two Galaxy Police detectives shows up, a beautiful alien princess and her cute sister, and a mad scientist. Lucky bastard! Dub 4 of 5 Yes 
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Comedy, Sci-Fi, Supernatural A young high school boy's life is turned upside down by a beautiful but weird girl who is obsessed with finding aliens, espers and time travelers. She forms a club, who's members are an alien, an esper and a time traveler. For the boy, it gets worse when he learns the girl might very well be GOD! Dub 5 of 5 Yes 
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