My projects

This site has some information on various electronics projects I've undertaken,
been involved with, or had some ideas on.

Any information on this site is simply my understanding from either research, or
working with the actual hardware itself.  If I have something wrong, please let me know
and I'll try to correct it.

Apple ][

Mattel Aquarius

Tandy Color Computer Projects
CoCo 1/2 Projects - Composite video for CoCo 1 and 2s

CoCo 3 Projects - Video adapters for the RGB port

Mini-MPI - a compact two-slot bus expansion for CoCo and Dragon

CoCo PSG - a chiptunes cart for the CoCo using the YM2149 Programmable Sound Generator


MC6847 VDG

The MM/1 Computer

Xilinx CPLD Programmer 


Projects by others

Gary Becker has a project implementing a CoCo3 on an FPGA board.

Darren Atkinson has completed some great projects for the Color Computer and MC-10 computers.

Luis Antoniosi has created a great 15KHz to VGA converter

Michael McMaster's SCSI2SD project is great for replacing old SCSI drives with modern media.



Please send any questions, comments, or corrections to zippster278@gmail.com