The Zabriko Project

The Zabriko Project began in 2007 when 1st Congregational UCC of Salem Oregon began to fund health promotion activities in the Central Plateau of Haiti being undertaken by the Peasant Movement of Papay (Mouvman Peyizan Papay or MPP in Creole). It was an outgrowth of its earlier water justice ministry, which began in 2006 to fund clean water projects in Kenya, Honduras and elsewhere through a Drink Water for Life lenten campaign. 

The Zabriko Project has grown into a partnership facilitated by 1st Congregational UCC Salem OR between "villages" in the United States -- schools, churches, service clubs, and youth groups -- and "villages" or communities in Haiti and other developing countries.  Our current work centers on funding clean water, sanitation, and health promotion education to communities on the Central Plateau of Haiti through our partner MPP.

Basic Project Information

Zabriko (pronounced Zah-bree-KOH in Creole or "Apricot" in French) is a mountain area located directly west of Hinche, the capital of the Central Plateau department.  It is one of the most remote and poorest areas in all of Haiti, just about 40 kilometers from the mountainous border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  It can be reached only by means of hiking up a steep footpath after reaching the end of an exceedingly rough road.

Village to Village

Our project is funded entirely through village to village contributions: schools, churches, individuals, youth groups to villages.  We do not use major foundation grants, government aid, or other money that has the potential to mislead our partners into believing that we have enormous resources or otherwise encourage aid dependency. 

The villages where water and sanitation projects are constructed are responsible for supplying the volunteer labor to make the project happen.  Our indigenous regional partner, the Peasant Movement of Papay, provides technical expertise and hires local skilled labor.

If you are interested in joining a team that visits and helps co-plan projects, please contact Susan Smith at susanlsmithor @  This  Pacific Northwest Solidarity Group, aged 15 - 83,  visited MPP in July 2010.

Our partner Peasant Movement of Papay: The Zabriko project is being undertaken by the Mouvman Peyizan Papay (MPP) or Peasant Movement of Papay in English, an organization composed of farmer collectives throughout the Central Plateau and elsewhere in Haiti. Roughly 50,000 people are members of farmer collectives that are part of MPP. MPP had provided community water supplies for many communities before international aid for Haiti dried up in the early 1990s.  Given the renewed availability of funding provided through Drink Water for Life campaigns, MPP is rejuvenating its community water program and has hired a new water engineer to direct that program.

The Zabriko community water and sanitation project is being undertaken in four phases.  For information on each of these four phases, seeDetailed Information on the Project.

Phase I of the project was completed in December 2009. 

Clean Water Flows in Zabriko

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