This orisha is female. While working as a man, is the divinity of the salt water.

 She is of the Kingdom of OBEOKUTA naturally, but her worshipers are of the Principal EGBADO town, the queen of the EGBADO is Okoto,also known by the name of Obsa.

 Yemaya is as old as Obatala and so powerful, it is said to be the most powerful; but lost because of their hegemony in the world and given the dominance of the surface of the seas, moving from right to left, she represents the movement of waves, the nature of his personality.

MO IYA name means : Mother of the fish. The children of Yemaya should never eat Watercress , or okra, these are her most powerful ewes. She dresses in various colors and shapes, but the main ones are: white, blue,in all shades,all green and pink tones with a lot of white roses, when her children have poor health, they should carry a basket of white roses to the shore and call Yemaya throwing the white roses. YEMAYA born with the moon,OBATALA born with the sun.
Yemaya :

This orisa represents the excellence of maternity since we say she is the mother of creation and of all the santos. She is the Orisa that represents the Oceans and their contents.

The name Ye-mo-ja , is contracted from the word Yeye-Omo-eja: mother of the fish , using OMO as a generic name, for she truly is ONI .

Legend :

Their was no one left to marry, so Yemaya married Agallu . From this marriage a son Orungan was born they say Orungan committed Incest against his mother. When she realized what had happened she ran from him . Falling face down on the ground , from being tired of running. From her body the waters started to form into pools of water forming Lagoons . And, her body gave life to the Orisha's.

Another version of this Pataki is of Olodumare and Obatala , where in charge of creation . Yemu (Yembo) reunited with Odu and she became pregnant . She went high on a hill , being nine months and her womb opened . From her vientre (womb) the waters flowed into the rivers of Africa the lagoons and each orisa there possessing a river body . The union of water and earth gave birth to Ozain and the Herbs. Thus , creating the cosmetology that we know of today .

Another Legend :

This legend says in Africa Yemaya fought with her son Ochosi in the lands of Ogun state , She became so upset and depressed that she cried and her tears formed the rivers Niger.