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Yewa's colores are red, pink and burgandy. Yewa's number is 10 (in some Iles 9). Usually a child of Yewa will be crowned Ochun con oro por Yewa, therefore this statement of Ochun and Yewa not being able to be near each other is new to me. Some Olorishas will argue that Yewa can be crowned direct. In Odu, she speaks directly in 10-4, Ocana and Opira. Usually Yewa's children are females, but there has been cases where males have been hers.

Yewa is a very particular orisha that does not accept or tolerates many things. Her difficulty is usually the reason that many, which need to receive her (if not their mother in Ocha) will wait some time. Yewa is usually place in isolation, maybe a closet in the Ocha room with the door left openned a bit. In the old days, Yewa's Otas, tools and diloggun were placed in a basket, then covered in a burgundy cloth and hung high to avoid touch. Now, her items are put in a tureen, that tureen is placed in a chest and that chest is covered with mariwo.

All animals given to Yewa should be young, virgin and females.
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