Yemaya meets Erinle

By this time Yemaya , has grown cold and tired of Obatala's fury. she decides to abandon him and begin her life in her palace at the bottom of the ocean.

With their separation comes the separation of land and sea, At this moment the waves begin as if to swallow the land , The sea has remained mad at land ever since . This is Yemaya's fury toward Obatala.

Yemaya was truly happy Living alone at the bottom of the seas. She finally had time for herself to do whatever she pleased, which was to life peacefully-something forgot about till now with children running the kingdom and her duties.

Yemaya had matured , she was still beautiful and sensual , in spite of the years that have passed no one could compete with her beauty , not even Oshun.

Early one morning as she swam in the ocean, she caught a glimpse of movement that warranted her attentions. It was a handsome man , and it was none other than Inle, who was doing his usual fishing.

Inle has all his attention of his fishing when suddenly , he was surprised by a beautiful mermaid who filled him with the feeling of love. He was not expecting such a beautiful apparition but felt pleasantly surprised .

His heart filled with love. He could not explain it, and thought he was dreaming until a voice of the beautiful mermaid spoke to him saying ..

I am Yemaya , owner of this kingdom you are fishing in , It is I that provides the fish that come to your hook. All this kingdom, which you can see is immensely large , is mine.

Yemaya confessed to Inle that although she ruled over the vast kingdom of the seas , there where times she found herself lonely . Without hesitation Inle offered to keep her company in her times of loneliness.

Yemaya could see she liked Inle and she explained that she was looking for a companion and Inle accepted her invitation without consideration. He had not cared for riches , he was to engulfed in her beauty from the moment he saw her.

This was the first time Yemaya allowed someone to know her secrets

Yemaya and Inle started on their way to the bottom of the ocean. The handsome Inle felt as if he was in a dream taken by Yemaya's beauty and the vastness of her kingdom.He had never imagined a beauty as such existed in the world.

They reached a large cave , where many species of marine life guarded the door swaying back and fourth . This was Yemaya's Ile ( palace). As the fish noticed her presence that moved away from the opening as if in Moforibale , to the great queen who was their mother and creator. Everyone there knew her as Mo' alle ( mother of the fish and marine life).

Entering the cave , Inle was taken in awe of the great palace below the ocean . No one could of imagined the riches inside. There were immeasurable treasures everywhere. Precious gems showed hues of blues and greens, from the lightest to the darkest giving off a ambiance to the palace. Without doubt Yemaya was the richest of all the Orisa's and the most beautiful.

They had a torrid love affair for some time as Inle saw through Yemaya's eyes and approved of her every action. However, as time passed things changed as Yemaya began to ignore Inle and take him for granted.

The situation had become intolerable for Inle. He only lived and wanted Yemaya's attention but she would not listen to his complaints and Inle , became upset.

Yemaya saw the dilemma as she tried to free herself from Inle. She no idea what to do . She wanted to get rid of Inle but was afraid he would divulge her secrets and mysteries of her kingdom yet at the same time she did not want to kill him . She could not being the co-creator of the world.

After much though she decided she would cut out his tongue after had fallen asleep . She wasted no time in enacting her plan . That night after Inle fell asleep , without thinking about it twice , Yemaya cut out his tongue . This way he would continue to live but unable to tell her secrets to anyone.

This is why Inle speaks through Yemaya

Yemaya excused her actions by telling herself that Inle was too young for her and she needed a man with stronger character because she could do anything she wanted with Inle and that bored her.

At this time Boredom was born in the relationships of the world