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The Transition to Obatala

Eleggua was in awe and yet horrified of the changes he saw in Oddua, He could not believe his eyes. Oddua started to tremble from head to toe . and then he saw Oddua's spirit rise toward the sky and another spirit entered Oddua's body , it was now that Oddua had become Obatala Ayagunna , more paternal , more human, furious and would enforce the law in the kingdom.

This was the instance where Obatala Ayagunna, the warrior was born on earth. Obatala's natural urge is to run to his home and punish Oggun right there as he walks in , but Laroye convinces him otherwise. In order to for Obatal to be just and not react upon impulses he had to return home and wait to find out the truth for himself . Laroye goes on to tell his father that he must return home as if nothing had happened.

Obatala returns home ever so quite and it was hard for him not to react to what Laroye had told him at the crossroads , Yembo tended to her husband as he entered the home as usual .

She noticed that although Oddua had changed , something had transpired during this day in him. His body was the same , but from his lips came strange new words and the light in his eye was not the same either .. the love and spiritualism she had seen in them was no longer.

She had the unnerving feeling that he had knowledge of what had transpired in the home while he was gone . and now it was Yembo who trembled with the notion that her husband had found out the truth .

The night was long for all in the home , Obatala grew more quite and engrossed in thought and much more quite than usual.

The morning came and Obatala who had not rested, rose even more earlier than normal and left the home without saying goodbye to his wife ... he threw his bag of Efun ( egg shell powder ) over his shoulder and closed the door behind himself. And he began to walk and walk till he came to a point that he awoke from his obsessional thoughts of doubt and began his journey home in hopes that it was just that a "doubt".
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