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Orunmila is considered a spirit of wisdom and the God of destiny and prophecy. In present day Cuba, the Santeria theology regards the Orunmila or Orula as as the wise man and he leads the priesthood.  He is much loved and leads the cult of Ifa as the Benefactor. Orula is also considered the great healer and has Osain as his right hand God. Osain is the god of plants and remedies, so the two them work hand in hand.  Of all the Orishas, Orula is considered one of the the top echelons.  He wears many hats and is future prophet and counselor of the humans. Many present day Cubans wear his green and yellow beads as a tribute to him.

Not only does Orula prophesy the future for man, he also allows him to play a major role in it’s unfolding. So, no matter how bad the future may be, he offers counsel and helps to influence the impending destiny. Orula’s power is so great that he can hand pick his sons and force them to abandon their current Orisha for him.  Orula is also the santo of  divination's. He does not come to earth through possessions but through babalawos or disciples.