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When we speak of  the Ancestral waters of life , we speak of waters that has a form of Natural consciousness  that flows and nourishes,  that incubates and feeds and the essence of Maternal caring that relates to the protection of children. And are part of our orisha that are labeled as the  forces of Nature.

According to Ifa, it tells us that all Forces of nature are born within the manifestation and energy brought fourth by the patterns of 256 Odu that awoke the consciousness and expressions of life into being upon the earth.

Omi Orun ( the ancestral waters ), the idea of heavenly waters  may seem symbolic to us but yet holds the ring of truth since the most commonly found  substance is hydrogen particles  throughout  the universe .  Hydrogen forms the large gaseous clouds found throughout the much of space and the stars . hydrogen is the lightest and most abundant chemical element, constituting roughly 75 % of the Universe's elemental mass, that is the basis of atomic structure.  H2o is the combination of hydrogen with oxygen that forms into a liquid . This is also combined together that formed the great stars and planetary bodies. Science agrees that the combination of earth and water is what created the womb of all living creatures on the earth in consequence of the union of these elements. 

The Olohun “owner”  of the Okun “oceans” was given the title and name of the combined words  “Olookun” owner of the oceans of Ode Aye “earth”.  Some say he was the first spirit to inhabit the earth  before all other orisha .  Olookun was the deity that took hold in the cities of Benin and that of Ile Ife in Nigeria . His role within the relationship to the Orisha “Awo” ( orisha mysteries of nature  )during the Maafa, or what is sometimes referred to as the “time of sorrows”  the Trans - Atlantic Slave Trade or Middle Passage. As well is his representation of water and birth and in fact a principal part of the human spirit of  consciousness  as well as it makes up part of our bodies. In fact up to 60 percent of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70 percent water, and the lungs are nearly 90 percent water. About 83 percent of our blood is water, which helps digest our food, transport waste, and control body temperature.

Through out time and most ancient religions of the east a male dominate deity took hold of the Title of the owner of the great oceans of earth . In Rome the great god of the seas was known as “Neptune” this  was the name that ancient Romans gave to the god of the sea and earthquakes who played a minor role in their religious lives since it was said the Romans where poor sailors. The Romans took this deity from the Greeks where he was  known as “Poseidon”  One of the major twelve Gods  that included the Primal brothers  Zeus ( the god of lightening ) , Poseidon ( the god of the oceans ) and  Hades  ( the god of the underworld).

Olookun’s relationship to “ Yeye mo oja “ Yemoja /Yemaya is  ( mother of the fishes ) is at best intertwined  as “Yemoja” was originally the owner and her worship was focused  prominently on the “River Ogun” that runs on the western side of Nigeria  .

Here in the western countries of Cuba and Americas their relationship to one another was reversed in the diasporas of Osha .  According Ifa there are many  Itan that involve Olookun , The Itan of how rose up against Obatala  and destroyed the world . The Itan where Olokun was chained at the bottom of the ocean with seven chains . And of course the Itan where from Iwori Meyi  “All waters on earth pay tribute to Olookun first”.

Olookun is best represented in the Odu Iroso of diloggún where on should receive him/her for stability and firmness on earth


(Praising the Spirit of the Ocean)

Malókun bu owo wa, jími tètè núwà o.  Oba omí ju Oba òkè.

Spirit of the Ocean, please give me abundance so that I may become wealthy quickly.  The Spirit of the Ocean is greater than the chief of the land.

Malókun ni mo bá dá jími tètè núwà o.  Oba omi ju Oba òkè.  Ase.

It is the Spirit of the Ocean that I turn to for abundance. The Spirit of the Ocean is greater than the chief of the land.


Olokun ba wa o.

Ba wa Orisha ba wo o oe.


 OLÓÓKUN: Represents the prosperity of the ocean and its mysteries , But also its riches and stability . Lots of iles of santo only give otans and seashells since this is considered the sufficient form founded for this Orisa . In other cases when he/she is received there is a representation of two spirits that accompany Olookun. One that represents life , Samugagawa and the other Death , Acaro. These are represented by a doll that has her arms extended and from one arm hangs a mask this is Samugagawa and the serpent that represents Acuro (death). Also included are the tools of Yemaya made of lead within these there is a Moon that represents the happiness of life a Sun that represents the power of this Orisa is so great that he/she can dowse out the flames of life. A rudder to remind us the path that he guides us , A pair of oars to remind us of the good and evil and to keep them in balance. A mermaid to remind us the beauty of Yemaya, seven hoops that represent her essence and to remind us of her seven children (7 jimaguas). It is important to emphasize if you have a Olookun of santero/a and you do not have these Tools to follow the tradition of your ILE and Rama of santo , For these should be respected in the form given .