In recent years, there has been a new awakening in the desire for spiritual life, and an alternative to the confusion of today’s world. Many people have turned to the Yoruba religion in this spiritual revolution.

The Yoruba religion has become widespread throughout the western hemisphere as well as its native Africa. The religion flourishes in the Caribbean, and South America where it has been transplanted along with the peoples who followed this religious path, from Africa.

This is a very powerful and tremendously in depth philosophy which deals with man, the material, and the spiritual worlds. Giving insight, and understanding of the universe and the destiny of men in it.

The many beliefs, based on knowledge of the laws of the universe have been in existence since time immemorial. The belief, for example, in reincarnation is based on knowledge of the laws of the transmutation of the soul, allow for an understanding of the inner self to a very high degree.

Western science is only now beginning to delve into the great regions attained by this knowledge, and they are finding that their conclusions are directly in alignment with those basic truths known for millions of years to the philosophies of the eastern hemisphere.

This ancient African religion came to America with the slaves who were brought here from the Port of Cape and what was called  “ The Point Of No Return” in Lagos , Nigeria. The slaves were first in the Caribbean, Haiti, Cuba and Martinique.

Then Brazil, and other South American countries, and finally to North America. To labor on sugar, coffee, cocoa and cotton plantations, in gold and silver mines, in rice fields, or in houses to work as servants. It lasted from the 16th to the 19th centuries.

(shown in photo the "POINT OF NO RETURN" Lagos, Nigeria.)

Most contemporary historians estimate that between 9.4 and 12 million Africans arrived in the New World, The slave trade is sometimes called the “ Maafa “ by African and African-American scholars, meaning "holocaust" or "great disaster" in Swahili. Some scholars use the terms African Holocaust or Holocaust of Enslavement. When the slaves who were first brought to America practiced their religion, the whites thought they were witchcraft practices. Consequently many Africans were killed because of their beliefs and practices.

At the same time in Cuba, the treatment of the slaves was much different. They were allowed to practice their religion for many years, before there was an aggressive attempt to convert them, and the Africans were introduced to the Catholic beliefs of the Christian faith.

The Spanish priests worked hard to convert the slaves and were fairly successful in getting many of them to adopt some of the Catholic beliefs. In this way, the Spanish priests would question the slaves about their religion, finding out much about the histories of the Yoruba Gods.

That is why the histories of the Catholic Saints and the Yoruba Gods are practically the same, it is believed. The secrets of the religion were passed on from father to son, and in this way it has been kept intact until this time.

When Fidel Castro gained control of Cuba, many of the Yoruba priests who no longer desired to live in Cuba, came to the United States in the 1960's. Most of them went to New York. This is the first city in the United States in which a person was initiated into the Yoruba religion, with Mercedes Nobles  Priestess of Shango .
The reaction to this pioneering move was much criticized . However, Oban Yoko's pioneering spirit gave Orisha a permanent home in New York, and the presence of Babalowos Pancho Mora and Bebo sanctioned this first step in initiating devotees in New York City.

Not only did Yoko's courageous and pioneering action validate New York City initiations, but local initiation allowed people who could not afford to travel to Cuba to become recognized members of the Orisha community. The second initiation took place in New Jersey, then Miami, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These are today the centers of this powerful religion in the United States.

What I am introducing here are the beliefs and traditions that have been passed down Orally  by the past generations. This web-site  is not made to be a step by step manual on the "how to"  it only meant to open up thoughts and  discussions among those finding themselves awakening  in their personal spiritual growth .
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