Family Research

Have you ever asked yourself... 
Where do I come from? 

                           What did my ancestors do for a living?

                           What did my great great grandmother look like?

                           Why did my family settle here?


    Those are just a few of the questions that can be answered with family research.  There are many things that can be passed down thru generations that maybe your ancestors did not think to pass down, Like medical histories. Our generation has grown so much in the medical research fields that sometimes things can be caught early enough to make a difference, or knowing their past can help diagnose.


   I have been doing Family Research for over 20 years now; I started at a young age helping my mother and grandmother trace our family roots. Back before the information highway opened up a whole new world to us.  I remember fondly the long road trips, to towns I had only heard of, to spend hours in dusty old courthouse basements or long hot days in cemeteries or the dark church rectory where I had to sit extremely quiet (those were the days children were seen not heard).  I loved the days we got to visit people, some we were related to some were just old enough to remember things. But they were all different and special in their own ways.

   As I got older I was given more tasks to help and finally I started working on ancestor lines.

   I started doing work for others in my early 20s. Since that time I have done well over 100 different family lines. I have collected many different types of documents, books, newspaper articles, and old photos.