Flex Passes

Flex Pass is a convenient, stress-free way to pay for Yoga classes.  With Flex Pass, you pay for a package of classes over a specific # of weeks and you receive EXTRA weeks to make-up all your classes!  This is the best option for students who have busy schedules and are likely to miss classes once in awhile.

Start anytime and attend any class on the schedule (most classes are open to drop-ins!).  No need to attend the same class every week and you can attend more than one class a week.

Ready to purchase?  See "How to Pay" at the bottom of this page.

Want to drop-in first?  See "How to Pay" at the bottom of this page.


Flex Pass 
8 classes/10 weeks - $104  ($13/class)

12 classes/16 weeks - $156  ($13/class)

Continuing Student Discount (purchase by cash/check only at The Studio or by mailing):  We like to reward you for continuing to practice! Buy your first Flex Pass at the regular rate, then purchase your next Flex Pass, on or before the expiration of your current Flex Pass, for just $12/class  (8/10 week - $96 or 12/16 week - $144) 

NEW:  Double-up Flex Pass
16 classes/8 weeks - $160  ($10/class)   

NEW: 8 Class Flex Pass - expires in 5 months... (10% off the drop-in rate)
8 classes/expires in 5 months (150 days - take one class at least every 2-3 weeks)  - $115  ($14.40/class)

Family Flex Pass (for 2 or more members of the same family)
16 classes/10 weeks - $208  ($13/class); ...with Continuing Student Discount - $192 ($12/class)

Which Flex Pass is for me?
If you will miss 1 class per month or less, the best rate/best option is our 8 or 12 class Flex Pass.
If you will miss classes more frequently, choose the No Expiration Flex Pass (10% off the Drop-In Rate).
If you typically attend 2 classes a week or more, buy the new Double-up Flex Pass.

When does my Flex Pass start?
Your Flex Pass start & expiration date are set at the 1st class you attend.

Can I attend Restorative Yoga using my Flex Pass?

Can I attend a special Series Class on my Flex Pass?
Yes, if the series is open to drop-ins.  If a series class is not open to drop-ins, it will be noted on the Class Calendar


Drop-in: $16     (If you decide to buy a Flex Pass at your first class, the drop-in fee may be credited to your Flex Pass.)
Most of our classes are open to drop-ins  (exceptions will be noted on the Class Calendar).
No drop-ins for Workshops.

How to pay:
For Flex Pass:  Make  your payment online below (on-line payment includes a $2 processing fee) or pay by check and mail to: The Yoga Studio, P.O. Box 426, Albion, RI. 02802.  (Flex Passes may also be purchased at The Studio by cash or check.)   Your Flex Pass will be given to you at the first class you attend (unless you instruct us to mail it to you).

Refund Policy:  There are no refunds on Flex Passes.  Extensions are available for medical reasons only.  A Flex Pass is not transferrable to another person.

Online Flex Pass Purchase and/or Drop-In Fee
Note:If you are purchasing the continuing student discount rate or using a "special offer", please pay for your Flex Pass in person at The Studio (cash or check).
Gift certificates:  Enter YOUR contact information so that we may contact you for mailing instructions.  Enter "gift: name of RECIPIENT" in the second box below.