Flex Pass Rates & Other Fees

Flex Pass is a convenient, stress-free way to pay for Yoga classes.  With Flex Pass, you pay for a package of classes over a specific # of weeks and you receive EXTRA weeks to make-up all your classes!  This is the best option for students who have busy schedules and are likely to miss classes once in awhile.

You do not have to register for a class. You do not get charged if you miss a class.  Start anytime and attend any class on the schedule (unless noted as "No drop-in"). No need to attend the same class every week and you can attend more than one class a week.

We are keeping our rates low!  A Flex Pass class has been $12/class since 2008 (no price increase in 7 years).  See our Continuing Student Discount (below) which helps you save even more!

Ready to purchase?  See "How to Buy" at the bottom of this page.


Flex Pass 
8 classes/10 weeks - $96  ($12/class), with Continuing Student Discount - $88 ($11/class)
12 classes/16 weeks - $144 ($12/class), with Continuing Student Discount - $132 ($11/class)

Continuing Student Discount:  We like to reward you for continuing to practice!
Take advantage of this Discount all year in 2016:  Buy your first Flex Pass at the regular rate, then purchase your next Flex Pass, on or before the expiration of your current Flex Pass, for just $11/class.

Super Flex Pass
48 classes/64 weeks* - $528  ($11/class)

Make the one year commitment to your practice for just $11/class! 
 *No extensions on Super Flex Pass:  weeks have been added to cover the usual Studio vacation time of approximately 3 weeks/year. 

NEW: No Expiration Flex Pass
8 classes/no expiration - $112 ($14/class);  Bonus: no extra charge for Restorative Yoga on this Pass.

Family Flex Pass (for 2 or more members of the same family)
16 classes/10 weeks - $192 ($12/class), with Continuing Student Discount - $176 ($11/class)

Which Flex Pass is for me?
If you will miss 1 class per month or less, the best rate/best option is Flex Pass or Super Flex Pass.
If you will miss more than 1 class per month, but would like to commit to a practice and save over the Drop-In rate, choose the No Expiration Flex Pass.
If you have family members who will attend with you, but you'd like the option of attending more frequently on your own, choose the Family Flex Pass.

Can I attend Restorative Yoga on my Flex Pass?

Yes!  Restorative Yoga is $15/class (Flex Pass + $3).  Restorative Yoga, now a weekly class, is a special, small size class, where you will receive individual attention & care.  Drop-ins are now welcomed at Restorative Yoga, but please be aware that occasionally the class is full.  See Drop-Ins for more information about joining us for Restorative Yoga.


Drop-In Rate:  $15

Fee for Restorative Yoga:  $60/4 weeks, $15/class (or  Flex Pass + $3)

Rates for Private/Semi-Private Lessons

Private session:  $65/hr.  -- (book 3 sessions for $180)
Semi-private session (2-3 students):  $35/each student/hr.  -- (book 3 sessions for $95/each student)

Series Class Fee:  priced per Series

A series class has a specific start & end date.  If you pay for a Series Class, you will still have the flexibility to attend any class on the schedule if you need to make-up a missed class.  Your make-ups must be completed by the end date of your Series.  Please note that you are encouraged to pre-register (1 week ahead if possible) for a Series because Series Classes run when we have a sufficient number of registered students.  As always, late joiners are welcome provided we have space.   Once a Series Class is running, anyone may drop-in to the class (unless noted as "No Drop-In").

How to pay:
Make payment by check (check or cash also accepted at The Studio)  to: The Yoga Studio, P.O. Box 426, Albion, RI. 02802
(Automated check from your bank account works too!)  There are no refunds on Flex Passes; we will extend your expiration date for medical reasons.

If the Yoga Studio is on a recess vacation of 1 week or more during your Flex Pass (sometimes during school holiday weeks & usually 2 weeks in the summer), we will be happy to extend your expiration date.  Just ask!