Our Studio/Philosophy

Now in our 18th year serving northern Rhode Island.

"The moment I enter the Studio, I feel peaceful.
There is a meditative energy in this space
that really supports my Yoga practice."  Phyllis D.


Our Studio is a peaceful oasis in the middle of town.  The Zen Center sits on 50 wooded acres off Pound Road in Cumberland.  Windows flank the back wall of the studio classroom so we practice in fresh air from Spring through Fall.  You will hear the first sounds of peep toads in the Spring, bullfrogs in the early Summer, crickets from Summer into Fall, and a wonderful variety of bird song all year long.

Sometimes we find ourselves practicing Savasana (deep relaxation at the end of class) to the sounds of gentle rainfall.  Summer is a great time to go into deep stretches and release toxins, and is my favorite time to slow down and practice in a deep & meditative way.


We believe that everyone can benefit from a Yoga practice and we are here to help you find your optimal alignment and learn modifications to postures that will make your practice safe, enjoyable, and most beneficial.  Many of our students work with conditions, such as back pain, or shoulder, neck, or knee issues.  Some are dealing with illnesses or chronic conditions such as lyme disease, arthritis, and cancer.

Our teachers create a comfortable, non-competitive, and supportive learning environment and students are taught how to "listen" to their bodies, which is the first step to healing & living in a state of wellness.  Students are always encouraged to work at their own pace/level.

Students are often given a few minutes at the end of class for individual posture work or to receive individual attention.  You may choose to work on a challenging/energizing posture if that is what feels right,.....or to spend a few minutes in a deep-release Restorative Yoga pose to prepare for relaxation.  In this way, you get exactly what you are needing most from your class!