The little school operates from 9am till 5 pm with admission at lunch time. We offer as well a before-school club starting from 6:30 am and afterschool club closing at 7:30 pm. Consult us for club's rate.
Rate per hour before PAJE concession, charged by half hour
Less than 6 hours/week
(1 afternoon or 1 morning eg)
Between 6 and 18 hours/week
 (2 days a week eg)
above 18 hours/week
(3 days a week)
9€/hour 8,20€/hour 7,50€/hour
Rate per hour AFTER PAJE concession*, charged by half hour
1,35€/hour 1,23€/hour 1,125€/hour

* assuming a minimum of 16 hours a month; subsidies are capped, see rules below.

Financial Assistance

Financial support from the Caisse d'Allocations Familiales (CAF) and tax discount

La Caisse d’Allocation Familiale” can cover up to 85% of the fees via the PAJE (Prestation d’ Accueil du Jeune Enfant) for a minimum of 16 hours/month. Subsidies are capped differently depending on the income of the family and the age of the child. See the section on "micro-crèche" under this link for more details. 
You are also able to benefit from a 50% income tax reduction from the fees paid the previous year (limited at 2300€ per year, per child).

Financial support from your Comité d'Entreprise

We accept paiement in CESU (Chèque Emploi Service Universel) commonly proposed by large CE at a discount price.

Financial support from Airbus Comité d'Entreprise

Our mother company La Tour de Babille is registered with Airbus CE who covers part of the hourly cost (2,50 hours per half days).

Pick up services

We can collect your child from school at a rate of 0,18€/km plus driving time; calculations always include a return trip between the premises of the center and the selected school. The table below gives pick up and drop off rates for schools in the vicinity of the family centre:
 Cost for a return trip
Ecole de Pelleport 1,08€
Ecole de Cadours 1,87€
Ecole de Cox 2,81€
 Ecole de Launac 2,91€
Ecole de Thil 2,74€
Ecole Saint-Paul sur Save 4,21€
 Ecole de Le Castéra 3,46€