Welcome to the Yellow Submarine!

Willommen im gelben U-Boot!

The Yellow Submarine/das gelbe U-Boot is our little british german school for preschoolers between 2 and 6. We welcome kids all day or half day, with a curriculum bridging both languages. We are based in the village of Le Grès, 35 mns away from Blagnac (see the map). 

Our methodology

First and foremost, have fun : crafts, sports, music, phonics, dancing,... Our Yellow Submarine offers a deep dive into a bilingual English and German environment. 
Driving the child's interest towards both languages and cultures can only be achieved through a diverse curriculum within a small, friendly environment.

Families question sometimes the absence of the french language in our curriculum. The little school operates in most cases alongside the french school system "école maternelle", allowing us to focus on our languages.

Our curriculum

Discovering, creating, dancing, singing, playing and plenty of fun. A culture is a world of opportunities, our aim is to help your child exploring few of them every week. At the same time, we believe a child can be equally motivated in exploring the language in itself, its music, rythm and subtle logic. Both aspects mixed together give a balanced approach for a day full of surprises.

Socialising is important as well. If our educators will talk to the children in their own language, kids may very well answer in their own language, which in turn may be different form one kid to another. This mix is part of our approach as the children need to learn how to deal with language diversity in social settings. As surprising as it may sounds, it comes very naturally to a young child after few months of exposure. 

Transversal strands: music and nature
The local surroundings offer plenty of opportunity to discover nature. Nature is a wealth of opportunity in term of learning experiences; stimulating the curiosty of the kids helps the kids overcoming the language barrier.

Music is an intelligence of its own with special focus always welcomed by our young crowds. Music can be investigated on its own or in combination with other games to create a unique learning experiences.

Our local consultants may be french speakers, helping french speaking kids to grab the concepts later on explained in english or german. 

A cosy, friendly environment

 Learning is a personal experience; we believe that only a small group setting can foster emulation at      the same time as allowing for plenty of 1 to 1 interaction. Every educator will have a maximum of 5        children under its custody.

For kids between 2 and 6

Our bilingual school operates during weekday full day (9am till 5pm) or half day (12am till 5 pm), with a late admission for the kids still enjoying an afternoon nap. We can offer pick up services from school. Finally, the little school operates a before-school club opening at 6:30am and afterschool-club closing at 7:30pm.