Of Cold Air and Coffee Cakes

The game development progress of Xian Lee.

This is the development website that I will be using.  If, by chance, you were looking for my game industry / Christian living blog, then you probably want to head over there (http://www.christianplaceonline.com/cblog/index.php?blogId=11).  If, by some other chance, you were looking for my original music, check out Overlooked Identity's Soundclick (http://www.soundclick.com/overlooked_identity).  And, if you get bored, you can read my in-the-works webcomic (http://xiantrieshumor.googlepages.com/)

While reading some posts on Christian Coders Network, I came across a thread regarding modeling/rendering, and decided to go look through my extremely limited portfolio.  Today, all I have to show is a very simple sword model.  At one point, I had it textured, but it seems I took the texture away (because it wasn't textured very well).  Anyway, I made this in an older version of Blender.  Enjoy!

In other news, I tried my hand at short story allegory.  Allegory wasn't my original intent, but I was using a form of free writing, and that's just what happened.  My short story will be available on my blog. -3/25/07

In addition to my work in C++/SDL, I've been doing some light work in Python with the PyGame libraries.  Using a tutorial for a driving game as a point of reference, I've been working on a simple Asteroids-style game.  So far, I have a ship sprite moving across the screen that loops to the opposite side of the screen if the ship moves outside of the screen.  I've given the ship a form of "warp speed" that gives the ship double the speed (with the ability to nearly reach that speed immediately), but ends in a full stop and requires a half second pause before further accelerating again.  A simple firing function has all been incorporated.  But I'll let this screenshot do the rest of the talking. -3/23/07


I have been continuing work on my C++/SDL random map generator with hopes of eventually creating a simplified mulitplayer roguelike.  On a website that revolves around creating roguelikes, I found a mapping algorithm that seemed like something I could make use of.  This algorithm was actually developed for an open source, Java-based roguelike called Tyrant (which is available on SourceForge).  I won't go into detail about how the algorithm functions, but I will show you the latest screenshot.

This screenshot has two "arena" style areas visible on screen.  For the sake of these screenshots, I've gone with an island look.  So far, the map generator very randomly decides where to place structures, but I will be working on creating a more intelligible mapping system in the future. -3/22/07


 For now, you can check out the latest picture of my C++/SDL driven random map generator.  It was developed by using a two-dimensional integer array for map creation, and displaying the map calls back the information of that array and places a 32x32 pixel tile on screen accordingly.  As you can probably tell, there really isn't any rhyme or reason to the generation of the map, so I now need to develop an algorithm that makes the maps usable.