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81 copies only 
Originally released in 2005, long since out of print and much sought after, the WYKEHAM PRESS is delighted to announce the forthcoming publication of a limited ten-year anniversary deluxe edition of GALDRBOK
“Galdrbok offers a complete system for accessing the nine otherworlds of the Northwest European shamanic world tree Yggdrasil. The initiatory system in Galdrbok is inspired by the spiritual legacy of Heathen Northwest European communities of the migration age. Galdrbok maps the altered conscious states which enable shamanic travel – by means of scrying (‘to descry’/‘foresee’/ crystal gaze), galdr (‘sung spells’), runic mediation and other powerful techniques, you can enter ecstasy and 'walk between the worlds' in the footsteps of Woden and Freyja, the Northern shamanic deities par excellence” 
The LIMITED TENTH ANNIVERSARY DELUXE EDITION, is freshly typeset, revised and expanded, with a new foreword and afterword, new poetry, an appendix on the plant-ally Mugwort and the Old English ‘Nine Herbs Charm’, an expanded bibliography taking account of literature in the field over the last decade, and many new illustrations. 
This handsome volume is printed on 100gsm ivory wove archival quality paper. The 400+ pages are sewn and bound between hand-made marbled end papers, with top and tail bands to the binding. The boards are bound in forest green cloth with a luxury forest green leather quarter binding. The title ‘Galdrbok’ is blocked in gilt horizontally across the spine. The book is held within a custom-made forest  green cloth slipcase lined with black paper.
The edition is strictly limited to 81 copies only and was published at the winter solstice 2015.  Each copy is hand-numbered and signed by the authors.  We still have a few copies remaining
The price is £165.00 
Postage and packing is an additional £12.00 within the UK, £19.00 for Europe and £25.00 elsewhere. 
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This edition will be available in standard paperback & released summer solstice 2016.
Advance orders are now being taken. £26.00

“A comprehensively researched, clear, and deeply thoughtful guide to the esoteric spirituality of the Northern tradition. Written in a direct and engaging style, it is also refreshingly practical, grounding the theory in ritual. It restores ancient magic to contemporary individual and community life” – Professor Brian Bates 
“[A] magnificent book on practical rune magick. The Galdrbok is a work of art. It blends high-quality scholarly research with the pragmatic approach required to make things work…It offers a pagan shamanism that can be explored by doing and enjoying it. The work is free of nationalism, sloppy research and…[w]here theory is involved, it is of an excellent scholarly quality (meaning: you can read it) and presented in a relaxed, undogmatic way. There is an invaluable bibliography for those who intend to research further. I wish there were more books on pagan religion like this” – Jan Fries 
“Johnson and Wallis’ engaging and challenging book is another significant step in the recovery of an indigenous European religious worldview and lifeway. Here, at last, is a European based ‘shamanism’ that (re-)introduces us to ways of celebrating the particular places where we live among a wonderfully diverse community of life” – Professor Graham Harvey 
“This is a remarkably intelligent, thoughtful and well-informed practical guide to the magic and spirituality of the Old North, in a form accessible to the present. It helps to confirm the Northern Tradition as one of the most scholarly and sophisticated in modern Paganism” – Professor Ronald Hutton 
“I like this book enormously. Written in what feels to me a very male Heathen way (clear, down to earth, without unnecessary creativity or emotion), the way in which the authors present their religious/spiritual path is beautifully practical. Devoid of poetic fluff, they…guide the reader into a state of wakeful power that remains essentially grounded. [Galdrbok] gives me faith and courage in the future of British Paganism [and] will make a worthy addition to your source-spring of inspiration” – Emma Restall Orr 
“In Galdrbok past meets present and scholarship meets shamanism. Quite simply the most important book on contemporary heathen ritual and one that is destined to have a major and lasting impact on the future of the northern revival” – Richard Rudgley 
“Galdrbok [is] the best 'how to' book on contemporary Paganism I've ever read. I'm hugely impressed and will be writing the most glowing review. Wonderful stuff. You've raised the bar for the rest of us…there's really nothing out there so far that comes close – Philip Shallcrass (Grae Wulf) 
"The Galdrbok is inspiring, thought provoking and deeply rooted in the spiritual traditions of our germanic ancestors. A must-read for all those who know the value of a well researched text that dares to put into plain language what others shroud in unneccessary mystery" – Hans Stucken