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While neither recommended for minors or most work, this semi-respectable collection of recommended videos may help to illustrate some points that are tricky to convey in writing.

This project will become a feature-length documentary exploring kink within the Black community, features Black perverts speaking for themselves and embracing the term "pervert" as a self-identifier.  The film is scheduled for release in 2015, and one of the interviewees is a WWC member!

The first episode of a locally-produced web series in which a triad navigates the perils of being out regarding polyamory in a monogamous world.

In which Nina Hartley, adult industry icon, demonstrates proper hair-pulling technique upon Ghostbuster Kate McKinnon.  Purely for educational purposes, of course.  Ahem.

Author, actress, sex and BDSM educator, and former Leather title holder Mollena Williams' award-winning, soft-core short about impact play.
This DVD is created by the Dark Connections community for Black people of color who are new to BDSM, or experienced players who have yet to talk to any other Black people about what it is they do. It intersperses person-on-the-street interviews with in-depth answers from well-known Mid-West and East Coast players.

A portrait gallery of people being willingly shot with a stun gun.  No, really.  It's kinda awesome.
Relationship therapist Esther Perel shares the sum of her research in regards to the change in the meaning of monogamy, reasons behind cheating, and the aftermath of it happening.

There's some very useful information in this video about preparing for the event of a kidnapping: the guys get trained on how to escape. However, there's also a disclaimer at the beginning of the video for a reason. 

A poetic segment from Sick: the Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supersadomasochist.

(Our Grand Poobah told me to recommended that I add the following:  This page was lovingly agonized over by Byrdie.)